Lanolips Banana Balm Review

Back in 2009 I had by first experience with Lanolips  and since then, the range has really grown and I’ve always though fondly of the products.  The Original product certainly, has a lovely thick texture which is particularly good for protecting the lips. 

Fast forward to 2014 and one of the more recent editions is the Lanolips Banana Balm, a 3-in-1 lip balm which is the original medical grade lanolin, shea butter, vitamin E and 100% natural banana extract and 1% shimmer for a pretty lip finish. There are no artificial flavourings or colours in this product and it does smell and resemble a real banana. 

Lanolips Banana Balm

I personally am a huge banana fan, I’d say it is permanently in my top 5 favourite fruit, but I like mine ripe, I can’t stand slightly raw hard bananas, yuk.

So there are various things I like about this which I didn’t like so much in the original Lanolips (perhaps they have changed now, cos it was 5 years ago that I tested them) but they are:

1. The texture is nicer to apply because it’s still thick but also softer and buttery-er, it doesn’t need to be warmed up under your arm pit before use. 

2. I like the applicator which makes more sense for lip application and I don’t need to get my finger covered in grease. 

3. I like the big opening as I have big lips. 

Lanolips Banana Balm 1

Plus I do love banana themed things anyway so I really like this – it does smell like a banana by the way, in a very natural none artificial ways. I don’t recommend this product for people who don’t like bananas or are allergic to lanolin. 

Anyway I like it enough for it to be an addition to my small handbag and there ain’t much room in there!

This costs £8.99 you can buy it here .


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