Laneige Spring Bloom Palettes

My previous purchase of Laneige was this palette, with a spectacular case and 9 gorgeous, soft, pigmented shades – it is my out and about palette (yes I do my make up in a rush nearly every morning). From this palette I can do simple, smokey, pinks, orange, taupe, purple…Gorgeous!

So of course I had to indulge in Spring Bloom.

Although with four shades, the eyeshadow palette has just my kind of colours:

Now, on the website, I presumed the shades bar the brown would be light. In the flesh they are all quite rich colours.


This Blusher is divine! There a different options – obviously swirl it all together, OR, go for the brown/orange shades for a warm look, the bottom pinky hues for a sweet look. There are all the distinctive blush shades on here; Pink, Rose, White Highlighter, Brown, Orange. What else does a girl need!

The beautiful case is also refillable after you have finished with the blush, with Laneige eyeshadows.

Overall a super-purdy collection, quite hard to come by unless you are in Asia, but well worth having :)

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  1. Row says

    THanks Yummy!

    Coco – I absolutely am, I have just been so busy lately (and it will get worse in the upcoming weeks!!!) BUT the search is still on.

    I think the best mascara is totally subjective..I had a lash perm a few weeks back and that has changed my idea on what I need for a mascara..but I shall post on this shortly..