Lancome Pop Cherub Palettes

I eyed these extremely cute palettes a year ago at my local Lancome Palette. The encounter went like this.

Me “Oooohhhh what lovely packaging”

SA “Nice isn’t it”

Me “Oh yes (thinks – not that impressed with all the colours) c’est combien?”

SA “£45″

Me “Gulp.”

I had paid that much for the Shu Uemura Grand Opera palette a year before (mistake – not a very soft palette) but Shu is Shu. £45 I thought was steep for this baby so I passed.

Anyway, the nice people at Strawberrynet are now stocking these palettes at £19 each! That’s a pretty good price drop and these palettes aren’t out of date for another two years.

Here is the unveiling –

The case is stunning. It is very heavy weight metal, with charms attached to the front. It comes in a velvet pouch:

Each palette comes with two creams and three powders and there are two to choose from:

The best colour of all of them is the shimmery brown cream –

All in all, both of these palettes are beautiful to look at – the case is one of the mose beautiful I own so perhaps that why it cost so much in the first place. The cream colours are lovely but sheer to apply. The powder side is not as inspirational as it could of been, although the pastely-candy shades are easy to wear.

I recommend these palettes as collectables of if you have a penchant for pastels – they aren’t vital – thats probably why I didn’t go for them at full retail but they are worth a look at the discounted price. Shop for it here.

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