Lancome: Bafta Red Lipstick and Phia Black Lipgloss, by Aaron De Mey

I don’t do Lancome. I can’t explain it. Generally speaking, there is nada from the counter that I desire.

Then I saw this:


Oh, so beautiful – the look, the lips, the hair. LOVE.

So I stopped by the Lancome counter with no intention of buying anything, so naturally I ended up with two things from this collection – the much hyped Black Phia Gloss and Color Fever lipstick 145 in Red (supposedly a TRUE red, no blue tones, no orange tones, just a true hot red).


Phia Black:


I know what you are thinking. YSL did it!

YSL’s had Pur Black had no shimmers. YSL’s on its own was a hideous grey shade. YSL’s took itself too seriously and it now rotting away in my lips stuff drawer.


Phia Black has hundreds of small micro shimmers. Phia Black can be used in many different ways by moi.

It also looks pretty good as a thin coat on its own:


I also got the red – I just don’t wear reds everyday (although I want to start – with a clean eye look of course!). This looks like a true, everyone’s red to me (I don’t like overly blue based reds)


On the lips:


Now with the black gloss:


The black adds shimmer and dimension – it is not overly gothy at all (although you can always add more so it is!). I love it! This red lipstick is a true red, it has a very soft, moisturizing, glossy texture that is pigmented too. It’s a foolproof red, but it is also a Limited Edition…eek.


I was concerned about how glossy it is – it’ so soft, would it stay put (it is red after all, any smudges will be very apparent!).

I still love it though and its glamourous and practical at the same time.

Ooh – for buying 2 things, I got some freebies (on at Selfridges at the moment):


Could Aaron De Mey, creater of this range be coming up with more good things for Lancome?! I hope so!

* I blotted my lips on my notebook (like you do) and inspecting it 2 days later there’s still the most beautiful silvery sparkly effect on it (down to the gloss) mmmmm love it!

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  1. says

    I like that red lipsticks…the black looks cool too! (I’ve pretty much lost interest in going the lancome counter ever since I saw some of the rouge absolu and color fever gloss lying in an outlet store BNIB for 8 dollars..) The new bottles with bigger flowers looks so cute!

    • Row says

      Hey Citrine!

      I changed the name thing for you, hope you don’t mind! :) The new glosses do indeed look amazing too. I am not a Lancome girl at all but the texture and colour of this is so pretty!

  2. Elizabeth says

    How much is the red lipstick? I tried on nearly all of MAC’s – ruby woo, lady danger, russian red etc and they all looked awfu. Maybe Lancome have the answer for a red I can wear! x

    • Row says

      Hi Elizabeth

      I believe it was £17 smackers. So not really cheap but it is a LE shade and I don’t think I will get anywhere close to finishing this off. It’s REALLY nice. Thing is I have a lot of reds and they are all kind of matte. This is lovely :)

  3. says

    Stunning red, you sold it to me when you said it’s a LE shade (I sound like a crazy rabid collector of makeup, I’m not! I SWEAR!) and this looks like a special red! Don’t think I can pull of the sophistiocosity of wearing red everyday but the thought of it makes me smile! :) Also, the black gloss.. wow! Really lovely

    • Row says

      Its very vampy, isn’t it ?! 😀 No I couldn’t wear red every day infact, it’s quite rare I will wear red outdoors but I think it looks lovely