Lady Gaga Neons: Cosmetics a la Carte Lip Gloss & Flush Blush

Ever found a to die for shade that you just can’t get out of your head? Its ok, you think, I’ll find a cheaper dupe somewhere else, there has to be one somewhere…

Sometimes you find the dupe, sometimes you don’t. I admit, I am somewhat rubbish at looking for dupes – if a shade or product wows me (and that doesn’t happen often) then its probably something quite special.

I was determined to find a dupe, but in the end nothing but the original would do.

The experience happened at Cosmetics a la Carte (a brand I haven’t bought from before). The items in question were two neon lipglosses and a flush blush.

Cosmetics a la carte-1.jpg

What Miss Candy wants, Miss Candy gets (apart from the Gay men):

lady gaga lipgloss-2.jpg

Pretty in the box but even PRETTIER out of them! (click on read more to see the swatches!):

Sexy…..everything about you is so sexy…..

cosmetics a la carte lip glosses.jpg

POW! In real life the colours have a hint more ‘glo’ in them than pictured. They also appear a little bitty in the tube like it could do with a shake but it didn’t affect the result at all (unlike with Avon Spectra Lip)…

Swatches (once again, I feel a little brighter with more ‘glo’ (think glow sticks) in real life):

swatch lipgloss cosmetics a la carte.jpg

So what was it that stopped me from getting these first time round? £18 each. Quite steep for a lipgloss, off the top of my head, more expensive than a Chanel Glossimer but less than their Laque Allure thingy-ma-bob.

Option 1: Peach

cosmetics a la carte peach lip gloss.jpg

Colour alone of course, is very very very important but what also made me dream of these glosses is that they are highly pigmented BUT also had the right amount of sheer so that they looked bright without being garish.

I also dislike glosses that are super bright in the tube but come out really sheer (“See how wearable it is?” says the Counter lady. I didn’t want wearable. I want a POP of colour! I want some glow!).

cosmetics a la carte peach lip gloss blush.jpg

Worn sheer, it still retains some of its day glo roots, but also looks very flattering and juicy. Peach is my favourite and very promptly adds a glow to my face – it is a warm tone so it may look a bit odd of very pale or cool toned ladies.

Option 2: Bubblegum (Pink)

Bubblegum I imagine will work for most women being the classic pink:

Cosmetics a la Carte bubblegum lipgloss.jpg

This also is nicely pigmented but can be sheered out evenly, and once again, even when its sheer it won’t melt into the lips into a mush of bland nothingness – it retains that magic ‘pop':

cosmetics a la carte bubblegum lip gloss.jpg

There are no sparkles in the glosses, which makes a slight change for me as I am partial to a subtle sprinkling of shimmery stardust (assonance, baby!) but it doesn’t take away from this extremely unusual and pretty gloss.

Its also non sticky and smells like play doh.

I actually have an aversion to make up that smells like my childhood toys…when I was a kid, someone told me that some other kid had eaten some Play Doh and choked to death. In utter horror, I packed away all my clumps of blue balls (ahem) and red spaghetti doh strands, never to be seen again until 2000 where they had hardened into crusty old rocks.

But I digress.

Option 3: Flush Blush

There is just one shade of Flush Blush (£18) and this it is – a neon pink which I do think will work with most complexions:

cosmetics a la carte flush blush.jpg

The texture is inbetween a cream and a mousse, fairly firm but also quite light once you have it on your fingers. It isn’t at all scary to wear – in fact the colour goes on in a fairly sheer, blendable manner:

cosmetics a la carte flush blush-1.jpg

See? Not so scary after all – in the case of the blush I am happy for it not to be quite so day glo! Love this blush too, it’s easy to wear and will work well with natural eyes and by bright lip glosses.

Cosmetics a la Carte have a lot of interesting colours and products and a vast range of eyeshadows too. You can browse the whole range here – I think its free shipping with orders over £50 and they do freebies sometimes.

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  1. Krasey says

    Shame they don’t have this brand in Canada! I wonder if they ship to Internationally?

  2. may says

    Wow. I need the bubblegum lip gloss, like, yesterday. And to Krasey: When I studied abroad and couldn’t live without new cosmetics, I used to use a forwarding service. I stumbled across Shipito and you can actually purchase anything online and Shipito will foward it anywhere in the world and it doesn’t cost too much to do so. Good for when you NEED that new lip gloss.