Kryolan UV 24 Colour Palette

I did a 2 minute rush job with Megan’s Halloween make up, and whilst sorting through the make up to see what I could use, I came across this gem I hadn’t seen for a while.

A Kryolan 24 Colour Palette. There are a number of them, generally for different designs; some a day time palettes, some are for shading and contouring (ie. theatrical reasons).

Aquacolor is a glycerin-based, moist cake foundation and lining color with excellent covering characteristics. Easily applied with a moist sponge wrung dry. Accent colours should be applied with a brush. For best results spray with Fixing Spray after application to keep make-up from rubbing off or running with perspiration. Removable with soap and water.

It comes in two layers:

One tier has gold/silver, browns and aqua shades, the other us a UV collection. With Kryolan you can always refill the palette with any color at all you like.

Commercial Picture of the palette:

Aqua colour has to be mixed with water to work – it HAS to be mixed. Supracolour on the other hand, is another big product by Kryolan which is greasy/cream based. That is great for theatre work but its way to greasy for day wear and needs setting.

Swatches, one tier per hand:

The colours look bold because they are; mix it with a small amount of water, and get it into a thickish cream consistency then apply. This dries quickly so you need to blend and be careful with application. Once it dries it really stays put and looks very bold and vivid. It does feel a bit odd at first though, because it does dry properly, in the manner of paint. The UV shades are especially fun.

Here’s my bit of tissue that I used to clean the brush inbetween. Baby, it’s art! (that the boyf threw away by accident, hmph).

I have a few Kryolan palettes – a Supracolour skin toned one from my make up study days and also 2 eyeshadow palettes from another course I did with cheek and eyeshadows colours. Nice, but this Aquacolour palette is my favourite. The colours are unique and fun to work with.

Love it, Love it. Cost around £45. Not cheap but there are 24 COLOURS!!!!! If you were buying one pan on it’s own its around £5-£6 so good value.

Do you like?

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  1. Laura says


    Can I ask what is the difference between the dermacolour camouflage palette and the supra colour flesh tones palette are they both foundations or concealers :/ ?