Kose Nature & Co Pure White Day Care Essence Vs Mint & Tea Sun Protector Review

Sun screen, oh sun screen. After my Elemis skin scan I will no longer leave the house without Sunscreen!

I recently bought 2 sunscreens (how many times can I say that?) from Kose’s Nature & Co brand.  Nature & Co is a really interesting range and one of the first Japanese ‘natural’ ranges.

I bought the older one, which is the Pure White Care Day Essence and the newest release Mint & Tea Sun Protector. Both are SPF50 and the White version is PA++, the Mint & Tea is PA+++/

Nature Co Pure White Care Day Essence Mint Tea Sunscreen

The price was around the same – I think the Mint & Tea was a couple of pounds more but you do get more – 44ml compared to 25ml of the Pure White Essence.

I’ve found a problem with Japanese sunscreens…

At least with many of the ones I’ve tried (especially the compact sized travel ones).  They have a shimmery quality to them and that slightly oily finish. I hate that – it’s great on a beach, no so great for a day to day SPF.  One of the reasons I love the Biore one is because it is light as air with no residue and not expensive.

Both of these sunscreens work well as foundation bases and the White Day Essence comes in two versions (SPF 30 and 50). It smells a bit lemony to me…it’s ok.  It has that slight shimmer to it and has the slightly oily texture I’m not a fan of. Hmmm.

Mint & Tea sun protector has a thicker texture and smells…well minty. It’s a bit weird applying mint to your face…avoid the eyes is all I can say.

Kose Nature Co Pure White Day Care Essence Vs Mint Tea Sun Protector ReviewI really prefer the texture of Mint & Tea – it’s thicker and more like a lotion than the White Day Essence.

Even though the Essence is ‘lighter’ technically I really hate that sort of grainy feeling it has.

Both of these absorbed ok into the skin and I didn’t get any allergic reactions at all. I don’t know…despite the fact I can use these products without any issues, I’m not feeling the texture.  I prefer something with a light, almost gel like texture because SPF is yet another layer, but I don’t want to feel like I have 10 layers on my face.

Ingredients of the Pure White Day Care Essence:

Kose Nature and Co White Essence

Mineral Oil!?!? TSK!

Noe also that the White Day Essence promotes whitening which is very popular with Japanese products, but it may not suit you.


I can’t wait to try more of the Nature & Co range but these two SPF’s don’t quite cut the mustard for me.  I really do prefer something like the Freshel UV gel.

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  1. Janet Shepherd says

    I’ve been using L’oreal UV perfect, which is brilliant for sun protection & moisturisation, but isn’t white, thick, or sticky. I got it in Australia though, not sure if it’s available here in the UK.

  2. nia says

    i am currently wearing the White Essence version and so far i find it having quite good oil control if compared to my current rotation of sunscreens; the Sunkiller BB & Biore UV Aqua Rich mousse (all three having SPF50)

    i tested the mint tea version at the drugstore and find it having a better texture and smell if compared to the white essence. i might give it a go if it’s on discount 😀

  3. says

    i’ve tried this brand and all i can say is i like the fragrance, its very clean smelling lol not very effective for acne skin or oily skin like me

    xoxo elle