Kose Cosmagic Hyper Beam Eyes Black Glitter Powder Eyeliner Review

Cosmagic is a tiny little range from Japan’s Kose Brand which has just some mascara, eyeliner and brow pencils. It has me captivated though, cos it looks oh so cool.

I completed my collection of Cosmagic with this Hyper Beam Eyes Black Glitter Powder Eyeliner (a mouthful, no?). Hyper Beam. Let me Hyper Beam You. (I’ve discussed products with silly names quite a few times.)

Anyway, here is the Hyper Beam!

Cosmagic Eyeshadow Kose.jpg

Oh how I love Japanese packaging. They make everything so cool and interesting.

The pencil itself is compact, with a pink lid.

cosmagic make up black eyeliner japanese kose.jpg

The applicator is a sponge and the powder is held in the lid. Its quite a soft sponge so its good for blending, but it doesn’t seem to hold much powder.

Kose Cosmagic eye liner .jpg


kose cosmagic eyeliner black.jpg

Its not a dark, dark black but its not too ashy or grey either. There are sparkly bits in it although its not overwhelming.

What I do like about this product is that the pencil is very soft and easy to apply but it takes a while to build it up.

When I tried to dip dip dip shake shake to get more colour on the sponge, it didn’t seem to work. Still took a while to build the colour up.

kose eyeliner black make up Japanese .jpg

Here it is on. As you can see its a smudgy black, more of a soft eyeshadow than a liner. Not as dramatic as I had hoped but its not too bad:

Kose Cosmagic eyeliner black pen.jpg

In case your wondering, my lash extensions are holding up – infact, I think they are welded on to my eyes forever. They are iron proof. If you want lashes that last, then this one is it…

Oh yeah, the Hyper Beam Liner. Its ok, not as amazing as the imagery made it seem but its ok. Worth a look if you just want to buy something for the sake of it (don’t lie, you do it, I do it….)

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  1. rillystar says

    I love this one too. I got it last week during a trip to Japan. However mine seems to go one pretty easily and without too much build up needed. Maybe because I’m very fair skinned or use it with black liner? I did find though that I had to keep putting the brush back into the lid for more powder but I really like this one. Hopefully they’ll come out with it again since the last few days I couldn’t find it most stores

    • Row says

      Hi Rilly

      Hmmm I struggled with this powder but I figure that over some black liner it could work better (and set the liner for me too) :)

  2. rillystar says

    Yeah, I put on the liquid eyeliner first (Just black Kate pen liner) and then the hyper beam. I’ve done it the other way but I’ve found that so far it works better with the liner down already :) seems to blend more for dramatic smokey looking eyes. I also tried with eyeshadow colour and only used it on the outter half of my lid and that looked pretty good as well.