Korres Lip Liner & Full Colour Lip Gloss in 37 Bronze Gold & 44 Orange

I saw some Korres stuff in a sale so decided to indulge in 2 lip liners and glosses! I got one in Orange, and Golden Bronze with matching lip liners!


They say:

Hydrating, non-sticky lip gloss with cherry and jojoba oils, offering an intense, luminous effect, available in 10 fabulous colours.

Dermatologically tested, free of mineral oils, silicone, propylene glycol and ethanolamine.

These usually retail for around £12 so I was please to get them for just under £4 each. So my two shades are: 37 Bronze Gold & 44 Orange. I am a bit weird with my colour choices:


I kinda like the packaging – it looks – organic!

These aren’t too bad on the pigmentation side. They’re definitely sheer but a hint of tint (so to speak!) peaks through! It smells like cherries but not overbearingly so and feels lovely on the lips. I love that there aren’t too many parabens and additives.

Here are the lip liners I got (also on sale):


I got 3 Brown orange and 2 Neutral Dark. I would never normally buy an brown orange lip liner (sounds hideous) but I figured it would go with orange glosses! There’s also a Neutral Light lip liner but I was right to get the dark version as that just about shows up.



Lip Swatches – I used the lip liner and matching glosses on top.



Golden Bronze:


Overall I really like these glosses – they’re not extraordinary enough to make me rush out and buy more right away, but for the price they are nice pretty buys.

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  1. says

    I love these lipglosses Rowena! I don’t own these 2 particular shades though, I only have Coral and Cinnamon and they’re both really pretty. I love everything about them :) Golden Brown looks like it would suit me really well *adds it to wishlist* 😉 Thanks for swatching these. x

  2. JenT says

    The orange one looks really nice on you :) I love Korres products because they are a lot more natural than some of the other brands, I’ve tried the lip butters and lipsticks but not yet the lipglosses…not bad for £4, but not sure if I would pay £12 :/

  3. Pam says

    I LOVE that orange on you. It’s the perfect pinkish peach color – like how your natural lip color should be, but better in this luscious, healthy way. I have NEVER gone near anything orange or coral in makeup but your adventures have me convinced I need to be more open minded. Damn it why doesn’t Sephora have the 44 orange.