Korres Lip Butter & Bronzer

Korres is one of those brands that has long escaped my attention, untill last week, in the evilness that is TK MAXX, I noticed a bundle pack, costing £19.99 that had two blushers, two foundations, two lip glosses and a powder.

Good Value huh?

I’ve found that there’s no point in buying foundation three shades too dark (I won’t wake up early to mix it in with my foundation) and luminous red lipstick will never be worn, and anything that can be sold that cheaply in a bundle at TK MAXX is probably a million years old.

Depite this, it got me looking into Korres and I decided to try out a few of their wares when I made my (Final, ever) order to ASOS.

Korres Lip Butter – In Pomegrante

Its a butter you see, that means its superior to a balm! Honest!

I choose Pomegrante cos I prefer oranges to pinks, but on the lips, it actually looks more of a light pink on me.

I don’t know why but the packaging does nothing for me. The idea of it doesn’t excite me.

But the Lip Balm is damn good!

The colour was beautiful, so soft and flattering. I perfer balms that are soft and not set, and this is nice and soft – and not too glossy, infact eering on the matte side, which I like. I hate having gloopy, over shiny lip balm on – it gets on my nerves so much I end up wiping it off.

But this was divine. It looks good on its own, no need for any other lip product and made my chapped lips nice and soft.

The bronzer is fab too. It has a great smell and it is largely matte with a hint of shimmer – good balance for this product.

Both are very recommended!

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