Korres Green Silt & Corallina Hair & Scalp Scrub

I am still looking for a solution to my badly behaved scalp. I found this intriguing product by Greek Brand Korres, which is a scrub….for the scalp!


The gel is a green colour with small slit particles in it. About 4 pumps can cover your scalp and then you can give it a good rub for 5 minutes – you can also rub through your hair but I don’t see the point. It’s all about the scalp!


Korres Green Silt and Corallina Hair and Scalp Scrub is rich in green silt to effectively remove dead cells from both the hair and scalp, thus enhancing the hair’s health and sheen. reduce the rate of splitting and condition hair from roots to ends.

You only need to use this once a week. I haven’t used this enough to report back properly, but so far I like it! It seems to remove a lot of the flakies from the scalp and calm it. I also love the deep clean feeling – LOVE IT, so this works for me. At £18 I think it’s quite pricey, but I can’t think of anything else on the market that is formulated as a scalp scrub.

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