Korres Gift Sets; Plum, Guava, Something else that’s pink

I picked up three Korres Gift Sets for discounted prices! I am quite fond of Korres although I wouldn’t say I love them – moreover, after this debacle, they offered to send me a replacement, which the never did.


Ah that’s right, the pink one Quince, the Plum Gift Set and Guava.

The quince and guava sets come with lip butters and a body butter tube and the plum set comes with a lip butter, an eyeshadow and a lipgloss.


The lip butters are nice – I’ve owned one before but I have no idea where its gone! They are quite thick, buttery textured, which I like – I hate overly hard lip balms and they are pigmented (apart from Guava which is the white one) meaning you can genuinely skip lip colour.

The body butters come in really small tubes, but they smell lovely especially Guava. I also prefer the thicker texture of these for my dry skin.


Plum gloss


The eyeshadow is sheerer than it looks in the pan but it’s very nice


Lovely lovely. I got all of these sets for half price at ASOS but they are sold out now I think apart from the plum set which is £10.50. Otherwise check out the other companies that sell Korres for half price gift sets but NOT SalonSkincare.com unless you want to be extremely annoyed by their CS.

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