Korean Boy is getting better!

If you spend too much time on YouTube then you may have had your ears raped by a young Korean boy called Kim Dong Won, who sings Mariah.

Well, after classics like Touch my Body and Listen, here is Always Be My Baby…and it’s not bad at all! (yes I know its BAD but its not bad compared to the old ones).

Fashion sense is getting worse, voice getting better. Well Done!

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  1. Citrine says

    I wonder what’s with the glittery shrug…I went ahead and listened to the “Touch by body”…I laughed so hard that my clay mask cracked…

    Yes, he is indeed getting better.

    • Row says


      He cracked your mask? Tut. I want him to expand a bit, do a bit of rock and roll :)

  2. mandypandy says

    He’s sounds great. Has he been taking singing lessons or merely lessons in elocution? Whatever, Henry Higgins is a miracle worker, it’s just a shame he couldn’t make Kim Dong Won into a proper lady. Love the outfit, though.

    I hope his nan beats him when she discovers what happened to her favorite capelet.

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      Or when she wonders where the doilys gone (do you have doily’s in the US?)

      He’s definately getting better = less laughs for us. Damn you voice training! Damn you auto tune!