Kitty on my mind…

My big fat white fluffy kitty cat has been unwell recently; it only started about 12 days ago and two vet visits later she’s going in for an ultrascan today. Some days she seems completely weak and lethargic, other days she’s more alert.  Unfortunately there was a wait getting her in to see the sonographer until now although they’ve run other tests on her that have so far come back as inconclusive. 

Sad cat

Needless to say this has been playing on my mind for the last week, and there’s still so much I have to do to our new house and working as well…things are hectic. I was going to share wedding and honeymoon photos this week, but at the moment my thoughts are on getting this cat healthy again so it may just have to wait until next week!  Sorry!

Please send your good thoughts to Kitty! 

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  1. Alexandra says

    Oh no im so sorry to hear your kitty is not well. Im a crazy cat lover and im absolutly crazy about my cat vincey. Im sending healing thoughts to your cat and i hope its nothing serious. Hugs to you and your cat.

  2. Verna says

    Your cat is adorable.I agree that it can all wait. I hope he gets better and nothing serious is wrong.

  3. Vicky says

    Hope your cat gets well soon. I recently had a slightly similar experience, my little girl became suddendly very scared of everything; not wanting to go out of under the bed, as soon as I would pick her up she would claw me to get off my arms and stopped sleeping with me. After a week I took her to the vet who said everything was ok and to bring hr back for more test if it continued. A week later he was back to her normal self. No idea what happened.

    Hopefully your kitty is in the same situation as mine and she will be just fine :)

  4. Sierrablue says

    Hope your kitty gets well really soon, I know how stressful it can be and how helpless one can feel. Just had my boy kitty checked this week cause he is so lethargic but nothing was found.

    Much much love and strength from me to you and your kitty!

  5. Shari says

    Oh no! So sorry to hear about your kitty, that isn’t fun. I have two cats, so I understand what they can mean to someone and how hard it is when they aren’t well. I hope that they’re able to find what’s troubling your kitty and can get her well soon!

  6. says

    Oh no :( I hope you will find what is wrong with your lovely kitty and it will get well soon <3 Unfortunately we lost out baby cat, Täplä, last spring :( He has something terribly wrong with his liver. That is naturally not at all common! We just had really bad luck. Cats are masters at hiding illness but I really hope, yours starts to feel better soon.

    & siberian cats Tikru, Romeo, Pumpuli & Nekku