Kitteh says we haz technical erroz!

Oh dearie me.

We’ve had technical difficulties with the site from last Friday to Today and it might still be a little shaky as our site switches over to a new server. Hence there has been no posts the last 4 days and I have limited access to my emails. If you have tried to get in touch and not heard from me, don’t hesitate to try again!

Computer kittens 7

If you are having trouble viewing the site it could be because your computer is still seeing the site on the old server. If so try clearing your cache:

If you use a PC: Start menu -> In ‘search program and files’ search box  type ‘cmd’. When the command prompt window opens type ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ and press enter.

If you use a MAC: Open Terminal and type ‘dscacheutil -flushcache’ and press enter.

Ok let’s get back to business! Thank god it’s Wednesday!

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