Kissing Day Special: Philosophy Big Mouth Lip Plumper Gloss in Nude

Are you a fan of lip plumpers?

Me…sort of. I do like a bit of a tingle, but not too much and also I already have very full lips so I’m not really looking for the fish lips look, thanks.

I was sent this extremely cute Philosophy Big Mouth (was that the message?!) Lip Plumper Gloss in Nude to try.

Cute Bee…..


They say, use this if:

# you want super soft, super sexy lips
# you want to enhance the natural fullness of your lips
# you want a translucent, natural looking lip color
# you want that bee stung look

The Gloss is unassuming – a sheer, beige type of colour. I believe this comes in different shades:


So far, not bad. So I put some of this on…here is the applicator a soft sponge:


This didn’t seem to smell of much to me and the texture is that of a standard gloss – a tad sticky, but nothing too sticky and not too runny.

My Bare Lips:




Now nothing seemed to happen at first. Then 3 minutes later, the gloss warmed and tingled – thankfully it was a comfortable tingle, nothing horrible or painful. It says on the instructions you need to apply this within your lipline and I see why – once your lips start plumping the skin goes a little red so if you go over your lip line, your mouth looks quite red, like after you’ve had something spicy (or is that just me?).



Do you like? It’s subtle but definitely plumped in my opinion.



What’s your favourite lip plumper or are you not a fan?

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  1. Xtine says

    Love this product…but for the last six month have looked EVERYWHERE to buy it and no luck! It seemed to be so well received …can’t believe they would have discontinued it??? Please say it ain’t so!
    Any info on the subject?
    Thanks for your time,

    • Row says

      Hi Xtine

      This has been discontinued. But you may be able to find it on EBAY or outlet stores?