Kissing Day Special: LOTD Current Favourite Lip Gloss Paul & Joe in 06

Ideally, for Kissing Day there would be no lip gloss (men hate that stuff!) but I couldn’t resist featuring my current favourite lip gloss (favourite lip gloss gets to sit in my coat pocket).

It’s Paul & Joe’s Lip Gloss – in the new packaging in 06 which is the perfect peach with a slight shimmer:


The applicator is a brush. It seems to be softer than the old brushers:


And on the lips…

I did put quite a lot on here so it’s super glossy! But I love this colour, it’s not too sheer and I like the fine micro sparkle in the formula. Although…I don’t think Mr C will kiss me very much when my lips are glistening like this!

What’s your current ‘in the pocket’ gloss?

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