Kissing Day Special: Dawood & Tanner Tooth Cleanser Garden Mint & Sicilian Lemon

Special tooth paste (or should I say cleanser?!) Are you mad?!

Well, surely I don’t need to answer that….

Quite frankly I am always searching for the right toothpaste for me, because I hate having a dry mouth with a lot of modern toothpaste’s cause. So I was excited…too excited…about this Tooth Cleanser from Dawood & Tanner.

Tooth Cleanser?! How posh!


You HAVE to hear the flavours. Garden Mint and Sicilian Lemon! NOMS!

(But don’t eat it…seriously. Unless in a famine).

The tooth cleanser comes out like this, in a pump. It’s a little firm, but you get the right amount out with one pump. No tooth paste drying out here (I always leave the lid off. Do you?!)


The tooth cleanser is a clear gel, different colours depending on what flavour you buy and guess what – it smells authentic and tastes really good. Is it wrong that it tastes so good? Dunno, but since you can use this for the kids etc. I think it could make the brushing experience nicer!They say their tooth cleanser will:

* Remove plaque and prevent decay
* Restore natural whiteness
* Keep gums healthy and breath fresh

Here is the cleanser – mint and lemon (as you can guess):




Anyway, I love this, the perfect thing to use before some smooching (although…he/she might be sat there thinking…that tastes….that tastes like garden mint….)

Also it’s only £3.99 from Boots! I will definitely buy this when I run out, LOVE, although I will have to use it for longer to see if it helps with my sensitive teeth. So far it seems ok.

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