Kiss Rouge G Pure Peach and Pure Apricot – Gloss in a stick!

Kiss (or Passion NY) is not a Japanese brand I pay that much attention too, but sometimes they come up with cute stuff.

I noticed their new shades in the Rouge Kiss G range (glossy type).


Kiss always pick girls to model for them that look around 13 and are as pasty as hell. Hey, nothing wrong with being pasty. It’s the slightly pervy-13-but-seductive look I think is weird.


I got two shades, Pure Apricot and Pure Peach, which infact is anything but peach, it’s a pearly pink. It spells peachy and is very very glossy. There is also a new Rouge Kiss set which is more pigmented but hey, it’s summer! Bring out the gloss!


Pretty packaging as always but not as nice as the older lipsticks I own:


The Japanese companies do the watery-shine-gloss lipstick better than anyone else. It looks great of the lips and feels fab too – sometimes I do wonder when trying out make up on regular counters how behind they really are.


The lipstick-gloss feel lovely on the lips. Soft, comfortable, light. It has royal jelly essence, honey and chamomile extract too.



Pure peach, which is not peach at all –


It’s a light, shimmery pink. Oh it so lovely! I love it! Not too 80s.


Pure Apricot is a warm orange with glitter –


More pigmented but not overly so. This is a glossy, glittery warm orange – better for warm tones:


My lips look a bit porny in these photos, hmmm…not that I would know what that looks like.


To be completely honest, if you are a Japan-makeup-aphile, you will already own a glossy, shiny lipstick like this somewhere. Nevertheless, tis PERFECT for summer as it feels so comfortable to wear, has a light shimmer, makes the lips look pornographic lush and is very much less messy substitute for gloss.

I bought mine from

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  1. Aya says

    hey iwasnt also convinced by the brand “kiss” too until recently.
    I mean brand called “kiss”? not appropriate title to be printed on drugstore receipt of twenty-something… I can just hear chanel lipstick screaming “how dare you” in my hand also.
    but fundation primer called “matte shiffon base UV” is really gorgeous!
    no matter how much you sweat or baked under the sun, the look lasts allday.
    just for ur imfo, iam somewhere between oliy to combination skin.
    if u like matte foggy skin then this i recommend