Kiss me, I smell of cheese

My intrigue in Koren brands is growing and I’ve decided its time to sort my oily/stupidly try skin out.

Skinfood is a Korean brand I have found through – well, Ebay, and their skin care range is supposed to be bootiful – well have you seen a Korean girl with bad skin (don’t answer that, its a hypothetical question).

Anyway there was the Black Sesame mask, deep cleansing – I love black sesame:

Banana which is a hydrating cream mask:

There is also Honey and Royal Jelly, and Cucumber for the less adventurous.

Then I noticed another flavour…

yes thats right. CHEESE! Cheese flavoured face mask! Can this be real! What kind of cheese is it? Cos god knows Wensleydale smells like heaven compared to Stinking Bishop…

I had to choose one.

Which one did I get?

You have to guess –

a. Banana

b. Black Sesame

c. Cheese

d. All of the above

e. None of the above, you bought a thong instead

The winner gets 50g of stinking bishop wrapped is luxury cellophane!

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  1. yummy411 says:

    all of the above! because you like to shop like that! LOL~!

  2. Its gotta be D! Hahahaha. Since you mentioned you have oily but dry skin, perhaps first a deep cleansing mask to treat the oilies and blackheads and such, followed by hydrating one so you don’t completely dry out like a desert.

    And the cheese flavoured…I think you would get it because its just so weird you gotta try it out/smell it for yourself! Hehehehe.

    P/S: I have my eyelash extension appointment with the expensive lady tmr. Cheap lady/salon was horrible. I’ll take some pics and update you. But damn expensive leh…gunna cost me $150CAD. I better come out of the spa with Ayumi eyes. *giggle*

  3. Yummy! *gives you a chinese burn* yes alright, you understand by buying style well!! hehehe. But I promise I didn’t buy ALL of them!

  4. Hey Mable!

    I did buy the cheese. Actually what I ended up with is not even an option I put up! Thats how seriously I take my competitions.

    Ayumi eyes! Hehe. Dont you think shes almost like a dolly? Having said that I am still determined to have extentions one day but alas, I have no exciting events to go to!

  5. MandyPandy says:

    I was hoping you’d bought the thong.

  6. Hey!
    You know how you recommended Kate’s pot gel eyeliner??
    HAHA. Most ppl recommended me BB’s or MAC’s…
    Mind me ask why u prefer Kate’s over those?

  7. Mandy

    I didnt but a thong. I haven’t worn a thong since 1999, and even that was a bad idea. So uncomfortable it gave me cheek burn

  8. Hi Dawn

    its a personal choice really. I find BB dryer and I find MAC is nice and creamy but doesnt last on my watery eyes. KATE, for me is the right texture not too dry not too creamy and lasts

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