Kiss Me Heroine Make Liquid Rouge Lip Colours in Sugar Rose and Berry Rose Review

I went through a phase of loving Heroine Make a few weeks ago and buying lots of bits from the brand.

It’s weird because I largely ignored the brand until recently but it’s really a great range. Their eyeliners and mascara’s are fantastic for the price.

I bough two of their liquid rogue’s in Sugar Rose 01 and Berry Rose 03:


This is not a liquid rouge, in that it is far too sheer to count as a liquid lipstick. No – this is a medium-thick textured gloss that is lightly pigmented.

I like the packaging – it’s just plastic but the design is quite retro!


The applicators are pointed sponge ones – I quite like them, something about the sponge is super soft and the point makes it easier to work into the cupids bow…

So there are 2 colours choices – I skipped the second one which I think is something like Apricot Rose.

01 Sugar Rose is a sheer pale gold with lots of micro sparkles.

03 Berry Rose is a nude warm rose shade with only the slightest hint of shimmer. It’s a really beautiful shade – like natural lips but with a touch of warmth to it.

You can see they swatch really nicely on my hand, but with my lips being quite pigmented, 03 Berry Rose looked nowhere near as dark (as you will see):


01 Sugar Rose, although usually my kind of shade I felt was a little unforgiving on lines and creases on the lips.

Mine aren’t in fab condition at the moment anyway but I don’t like the way it settles into lines and if you get redness around the lips like me it makes your lips look even paler and it makes you look DERANGED. LUNATIC. WHO. WEARS. WHITE. LIP. GLOSS.


03 Berry Rose is just beautiful, as you can see it looks super nude on me but it’s just totally wearable and a nice every day shade:



Two lovely glosses from Heroine Make, I’ll use 01 Sugar Rose on top of a stain I think rather than on its own though.

I bought these from eBay seller Alphabeautyuk

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  1. says

    I recently discovered Heroine Make too! it’s been hanging around here for a long time *hits my head for missing out this brand* i haven’t tried their glosses yet, but i’m curious to know, for glosses that tend to settle in lines, what do you do with them? do you apply anything before hand so that the lines aren’t that obvious when you apply the gloss on top?

    Thanks :)