Kiss Me Cache Cache Curl Memorizer Eyelash Base Featuring Boots No. 17 Falsifyeye Mascara Review!

When I was browsing eBay aimlessly (which is my no. 1 procrastination technique) I spotted this Kiss Me mascara product, a tiny sub range they have called Cache Cache.  I believe it only contains this product, a lash base and primer, and a mascara remover (I think) but no actual mascaras.

I actually thought this curl memorizer was a mascara until I opened it! Whoops!Kiss Me Cache Cache Mascara Primer

When it comes to mascara base and primer products, most of them are useless on my super straight Asian lashes as they will not hold curl.  The white coloured ones are the worst for my lashes, the gel type fair just slightly better. My favourite lash primer ever is by Shiseido but they went and discontinued the brilliant old formula (see a comparison here).

I actually have a primer called Curl Lash Fixer from Elegance, the super duper luxury range from Japan which I see in all the Japanese beauty magazines but I think is a bit pants (not even reviewed it yet) so I had lost faith with these kinds of products!

The Cache Cache colour scheme reminds me of Wimbledon:

Kiss Me Cache Cahe Curl Memorizer Mascara Primer

The product is a gel – and I am sure there are little black fibers in it! It reminds me of a Tiffa Primer which also has small black fibers in it (which they also discontinued).  It’s a clear gel so you can’t always see where you are applying it, I just do a good few coats.

Kiss Me Cache Cache Curl memorizer primer

Now to do this experiment, I have chosen a heavy mascara which I know would never ever hold curl, Boots No. 17 Falsifyeye Mascara! Might as well make this a joint review!  Boots No. 17 Falsifyeye mascara is for the false lash effect. I love the packaging, it is the Jordan of mascaras, but also hideously big and annoying to carry around.

Boots No 17 Falsifeye Mascara 1

The brush is terrible, it’s like a jumbo sausage! If you like fat brushes you are in heaven but I hate them, they don’t work great for my tiny lashes and get everywhere:

Boots No 17 Falsifeye Mascara

In regards to the mascara; I actually think after using it it’s pretty decent! For to ti give more volume I think it needs to be more of a body building and wet mascara; I found mine quite dry and therefore more of a lengthening mascara.

Here is the  No 17 mascara on it’s own. Those gifted with long curly lashes will like it, for me it’s just yet another one of those nothing mascaras. (Excuse my brows I was testing a coloured Palty brow gel – review of that coming up).

Boots No 17 Falsify Mascara Primer Cache Cache Primer Base

As you can see there is barely any hold with the No. 17 mascara on it’s own.  This is with the lashes being curled in advance.

This is with a layer of the Cache Cache Curl Memorizer Primer and 2 coats of the No. 17 mascara:

Boots No 17 Falsify Mascara Cache Cache Primer

Yup – that’s quite a big difference. I curled both sides exactly the same (as mentioned earlier my brows are a different colour because I tested a brow gel on one side only).  No irritation either and I didn’t have to wait for the primer to dry for it to work. Lovely!

My lashes have been extra unruly lately, and curls have been dropping out easily but I am so pleased I found this Cache Cache product which was affordable and really holds curl so well! Means I can use any old mascara with it and finish some of the ones I’ve only used once. Also I have found lash perms (after having numerous treatments) somewhat harsh on my lashes and eyes so am avoiding them.

I paid about £8 for this on eBay but to be honest I am finding it tricky to locate it again. Argh!
Highly recommended for girls who have lashes that just can’t seem to hold curl.
Do you use a lash primer?
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  1. says

    Thanks for the review! I have totally given up on Boots No. 17 mascaras! It’s L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes for Ms. Stumpy-Droopy lashes!

  2. BooBooNinja says

    What is the texture of this base? Is it thin or goopy?
    Also, would you mind posting the list of ingredients? This looks mighty interesting :)

  3. says

    LOL at saying its the Jordan of mascaras, but also big (like Jordan’s front-side). It has an amazing effect so thank you for this review and using it with a mascara that would never work on you by its own, so you can see it really does something