Kiss Gel Dress Peel Off Removal Nails Review

As someone completely lazy when it comes to nails, the idea of stick on nail polish and art appeals to me. It’s easy, right? Anyone can stick stuff on stuff. 

Well, sort of.  Kiss Gel Dress is a peel of nail product which is supposed to give you an instant gel manicure look.  There is a range of colours and patterns (decals) so you can create your own look.  You can set this under a UV lamp or with a top coat they make – with a lamp it will last a week, with a top coat it will last 2.  

Here is the kit – I have no idea where my UV lamp is so I have the kit and the top coat:

Kiss Gel Dress Peel Off Removal Nails Review

To use – prep your nail with polish remover, smooth out and file off the excess.  Finish with the top coat if you don’t have a LED lamp or Top Gel if you have a lamp. 

I tried these out recently – my design is a pale pink with rose/diamond decals.  

Firstly I found that the strips were not necessarily intuitive – the sizes were all over the place at least for me.  For example, when I’ve used other strips, it’s quite obvious which one is for your thumb, which one is for the middle fingers, which one is for your little finger.  With this one, the sizes look strangely similar (at least for the middle ones) which made it had to distinguish. 

I did peel off the wrong size for the wrong nail a few times (and was thus left with a slightly gap in at the edges). Aside from that I found them ok to stick on, with a bit of work, I could smooth it over the nail.  The flowery decals stuck on well too on top and weren’t too thick. 

Overall from a distance the result is decent – close up you would see that they don’t really sit quite flush on my nail. With the gel top coat, it only lasted on me for a few days before I found the peeling back of the strip too annoying too keep on.  To be fair it was easy to remove, and my nails didn’t look any worse after using them.

Kiss Gel Dress Peel Off Removal Nails Review 1


Overall these stick on strips aren’t for me, I just find them uncomfortable sitting on top of my nail, plus they’re impractical if you have quite a lot of hands on things to do throughout the day.  But, if you like fancy nail art and don’t have the time to paint it on, then these are a decent choice. 

Each kit costs £5.99 and you can buy them from Superdrug. 


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