Kill my lemming? Le Métier de Beauté

Emerald Isle Kaleidoscope Eye Kit, Le Me?tier de Beaute?.jpg Damn. I said I wouldn’t buy any more make up this month (its been a lorra haulin’) but whilst browsing the Liberty website, I have decided that I NEED this set by Le Métier de Beauté – Emerald Isle. Could a girl who loves green ask for more?

But wait. It costs a whopping £65. Actually, let’s be fair – its a very exclusive brand and it works out about £16-ish a shadow – like RMK? Like Chanel? Like Nars….

I have my eye on the green kit and the face kit. If anyone wants to kill my lemming right now, feel free…

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  1. Girl says

    Ugh! Le Metier de Beaute; Anthony “LA” Reid’s gauche attempt at breaking into the high-end cosmetics market. IDK, everything about this niche brand screams “Big Bowl or Wrong”: the French name for a US brand; the un-distinctive black and silver packaging that tries desperately to evoke other, more well known brand (Laura Mercier, Chantecaille); the founder who knows and cares little to nothing about the cosmetics industry himself -the whole thing just rubs me the wrong way.

  2. says

    I’ve had a play with this stuff at the Liberty counter and did a couple of posts about it.

    Not massively impressed, to be honest. I do like the mascara, but I’m on the fence about the blush (lovely colour, but does not wear that well) and do not care for the nail polish at all.

    The eyeshadows were nice texture from playing with them. I think the kaleidoscope eye kits are reasonable value (each single eyeshadow is £21) but there wasn’t a kit that called to me – no good neutral sets.

  3. milky says

    so in love with the lip gloss, both lip creme and sheer, very moist so I don’t even need another lip treatment (which I normally use at least one tube from clinique or cle de peau per month). also ordered the face kit in May or June, forgot, the powder (press & blush) are very smooth, much more smooth than Bobbi Brown. I do like natural look, so this brand is perfect for me. The texture is much better than BB and MAC, about the same as Laura Mercier and Trish McEvoy (btw, TM is my other favor for color) the face kit come with blush “echo” and “whisper,” i use whisper much more often, it gives me a glow with very natural look. Love this brand. (i’m Asian with fair skin tone.)
    I think the eye shadow should be good too, mu order haven’t arrive yet 😛