Kill A Lemming: My MAC Shopping List

Ok its time to help me kill some Lemmings.

I am always accumulating, so even these big blog sales I do make little difference to my collection. Boo!


Here are the things on my want list from MAC (I don’t even like MAC). Feel free helping me kill a few lemmings:

1. Lady Danger Lipstick (a red – will I really wear another red?)
2. Painterly Eye Base
3. Cuddle Shadestick
4. Fix + Spray
5. 3N Lip Gloss
6. Equality Lipstick (a nude)
7. Myself Lipstick
8. Cremeblend Blush – Optimistic Orange and Florida (similar to my Bobbi Brown cheek and lip rouges?)

Any lemmings you need killed? I’ll try to help!

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  1. Nicolavc86 says

    painterly comes out really pink toned on me so not a great base might be the same for you with yellow toned skin!! fix + is useless , with normally oily skin why would you add shine!!!


  2. Nina says

    Lady Danger will probably look clownish on you! Reds like these don’t look good on our Asian skintone, trust me! You have tons of good reds already. 😉

  3. lullaby says

    MAC paintpots CREASE really bad. I tried them before.
    Fix+ spray won’t help.
    3N lip gloss is not that nice.
    You already have TOO MANY LIPSTICKS and they are SHORT LIFE products.
    Cremeblend Blush will clog your pore.

    Is that help?

  4. says

    Fix+ spray is rubbish. Unless you really like the texture of shadesticks, Cuddle probably isn’t really necessary, either. Try out Lady Danger before you commit to buying it, since red is so personal, but I would say skip that one, as well, if you have a lot of reds, unless you would die without it.

  5. says

    Ooh, I love killing lemmings! It makes me feel like I’ve done my good deed for the… year… 😛

    For starters, you totally don’t need Lady Danger — you’ve already found your HG red; stick with it! I know it’s a little blasphemous for a blogger to say this, but once there IS such a thing as too many reds (unfortunately :() Pass on the shadestick as well; they have a rep for creasing terribly.

    As for Fix+, it’s a bunch of PR if you ask me. If you’re interested in a facial spray, you can make one yourself! Most people use water, rosewater, and glycerine in a 10:10:1 ratio; I use more of a 20:1:5 for my dry skin. (And because I like a very, VERY light rose sent… any more and I just feel nauseous!) The rosewater can be substituted for more water (if you’re feeling boring, haha,) witch hazel, or orange blossom water.

    Three down. Hmm. I can’t knock Painterly, my argument against 3N is just that I dislike brown glosses, and from what I’ve seen of Equality, it looks a little *too* pasty white. Myself, though unpigmented, looks gorgeous, and I’m actually encouraging you to go for the Cremeblends!

    Alright, that’s it ^^ Five lemmings killed, three fuelled — I think my work here is done. Sorry about the epic comment!

  6. ching says

    row, not sure if you’ll read this but alas i’m going to stick my neck out for lady danger–i’m an asian with yellowish skin tone and lady danger actually brightens up my face–and i’m usually quite colour shy but i’ll make an exception for lady danger. :) oh dear i’m not helping much with the lemming killing am i?