KIEHL’S Midnight Recovery Concentrate & Alicia Keys Helping Keep A Child Alive

Midnight Recovery Concentrate (MRC!) is one of my favourite – if not my favourite – skincare products from Kiehls (I will review soon).  

It is a very light weight facial oil which is used a night (obviously) to give radiance to the skin the following day.  

Kiehls has now teamed up with Alicia Keys (New Yorrrrrkkkk) to release a limited edition bottle of MRC to support the Charity, Keep A Child Alive. 

The Keep a Child Alive foundation was co-founded by Alicia Keys and it supports and helps families affected by HIV.  1005 of the net profits of MRC (up to $200,000) will be donated to the foundation so it’s a worthy cause to support, especially if you are going to buy a bottle anyway! 

Buy the product here for £36 (same as a regular bottle).

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