Kevin Beautymaker Starlit Eyeshadow Review

A touch of glitter…is all a girl needs sometimes.

So when I saw this product from Kevin Beautymaker – Starlit eyeshadow I had to have it.

kevin beautymaker.jpg

This product comes in one shade only. Its an eyeshadow but in a silvery glittery hue:

beautymaker kevin starlit eye shadow.jpg

Despite being called Starlit, its very lovely indeed and fine textured. RMK has a similar eyeshadow (Metallics) but that is much chunkier in texture.

The shade is a cool toned metal – gorgeous:

kevin beautymaker starlit eyeshadow.jpg


kevin beautymaker starlit eyeshadow-1.jpg

This works on top of some other eyeshadow or on its own:

kevin beautymaker eyeshadow starlit.jpg

It gives an almost wet sheen to the skin.

Sorry about the messy application – I was applying this for this photo only!

Its a pretty eyeshadow – no, its not essential but its gives a really lovely universal fine glittery sheen to the eyes.

starlit eyeshadow silver glitter kevin beautymaker.jpg


starlight eyeshadow kevin beautymaker.jpg

As I said, its not too glittery or gritty, the texture is quite fine and didn’t irritate my eyes at all.

Whats your favourite glittery eyeshadow?

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  1. sophsoph says

    Ms. Candy!
    This is completely unrelated but i just wanted to ask, where (online) do you get your Asian skincare/make up products from?
    – my asian pals are just not visiting their motherland (and bringing back pressies) as much as they used too….damn credit crunch!
    thankies! – beautiful blog btw :)