Kérastase Couture Styling Range Review; Forme Fatale, Spray a Porter and Touche Finale!

Kérastase’s newest hair styling range is the Couture collection, which was co-created with hairdressers, to provide products that give that salon finish at home.  I am a massive fan of Kérastase, although the products tend to be on the pricy side, but when I have used their products, I have loved them. 

Now…hair styling. Contentious area for me, as my hair styling skills are pretty low, plus I have little time to mess with my hair, but I certainly do attempt to do something with the barnet.  

So, did Kérastase’s Couture range help someone as unskilled as myself with doing the hair, or not?

Kerastase Couture Styling Range 1

I have 3 products; Forme Fatale, Spray a Porter and Touche Finale, which I will tell you more about after the jump!

The range is spilt into Contruct (the stylers) and Finish (the finishing products). 

The construct products are a beautiful deep turquoise and the finishing products are a rich purple in colour, so it’s easy to separate. 

Forme Fatale is a blow dry gel that gives all over body and shape to the hair. It is a light weight gel which I found easy to work into my hair and also it didn’t feel heavy at all even when I went a bit OTT with the gel.

I never really use blow dry gels – I am sure it’s not for the same thing but I use a hair oil quite often as the first styling / care products in my hair and this was a nice change as it offered more hold and a bit of body too.  I use a hot brush most of the time and I didn’t notice a ton of extra volume with this product, but a better sleek finish. 

Kerastase Couture Styling Range Review Forme Fatale Spray a Porter and Touche Finale

Spray a Porter is texture spray that gives beachy waves and I adore this product – my favourite of the bunch.  Unlike salt sprays that can make the hair feel really really icky and rough, this one adds that tousled texture without that horrible-ness that leaves me dying to run my hair under the sink.  One of my favourite texture sprays ever…I can spray this in and do nothing else but it will still make my hair look a bit messy in a good way. 

This can also be used on hair on the ‘second day’ (after a wash!) to add texture. 

Touch Finale is a Protecting Polishing Serum – this lightweight oil adds polish and shine to the hair, and controls frizz. 

I have some finishing oils, sometimes a bit too heavy – this is a really decent one because again, it’s not chip pan heavy, it adds a bit of shine and gentle control to frizzy ends.  It’s really nice to have something like this to use on the hair after styling because speaking for myself, after using heat, I definitely get a bit poofy around the ends.

Here is my hair styled with the 3 products:

Kerastase Couture Styling Range 2

The Kérastase Couture Styling Range  is sold at various retailers, Feel Unique seem to have the whole lot – £16.60 for the Serum, £17.85 for the Forme Fatale and £19.55 for the Spray a Porter.  

I would definitely recommend this range to Kérastase fans – everything feels very natural in the hair and none crusty and my favourite must have product is the Spray a Porter. 

Do you splash out on hair styling products?

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    • Row says

      Hi Tina!

      They’re kind of understated but effective if that makes sense? I forget how good products that just work are until I use something that’s totally cheap and rubbish! x