Keeping Cuticles Moisturised! Kanebo Coffret D’or Cuticle Care Oil Review

I definitely don’t look after my cuticles the way I should – I think I just don’t like having anything greasy on my hands hence my reluctance to use cuticle products and hand creams.

However – without a doubt they are looking raggedy, so I purchased this Kanebo Coffret D’or Cuticle Care Oil.

I was swayed by the pretty two tone oil:


This cuticle oil contains aloe extract, and has a floral scent – it’s very nice. It’s a very liquid texture so you just need a little bit and once you have rubbed it in it sinks in nicely and leaves no residue!

A guide on how to massage in:#alttext#

Remember to wipe of the excess if you are applying nail polish afterwards!

To be honest there’s not tons to say about this – other than it is a very good cuticle oil, it’s not too expensive (I paid about £8) it looks nice, it smells nice, it does keep the cuticles nice and soft and hydrated.

I have to say, I prefer my lavender scented RMK cuticle oil (I lost this, found it and how now discovered a new love for it’s thick oily texture!). But the Coffret D’or will go a lot further with it being so liquid and it takes less time to rub in.

Meanwhile I am finding some time in the day to hydrate my cuticles:

1. On the way to work
2. At the desk at work
3. As the car passenger
4. Bedtime, of course!

Whether I can stick to this is another matter!


I’m not saying this is the best cuticle oil ever but it’s very good so worth a look in. I bought mine from

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