Keep your make up brushes clean! Baviphat Magic Girls Brush Cleaner

Have you seen my make up brush collection? And how I stored it (for a while?!).  It’s quite immense.  I don’t usually wash them all at the same time, I do just a couple at a time every 2 weeks or so (especially base brushes).  I see all kinds of cleansers, soap, shampoo, alcohol.I don’t think you have to be that strict about it as long as the brush is clean and the product isn’t too harsh.

Nevertheless I purchased this Baviphat Magic Girls Brush Cleaner just because I wanted to see if it could remove grease twice as fast:

Baviphat Magic Girls Brush Cleaner

There weren’t any instructions so I admit, I got a bit confused!

This is not a lathery cleanser at all…it’s a runny liquid and you empty it into a container then swish the brush around. Me being me, I rinse it too afterwards.

I expected this to be a foamy cleanser to be honest. It’s a pink liquid and it doesn’t really smell of much!

I can tell you know if I was to wash my brushes in this regularly, because it isn’t diluted down (at least I don’t think so!) I will get through it in no time.

I used this on a selection of brushes; works great with powders, requires some scrubbing with liquid or water resisitant products.  Unlike Alcohol you can’t just swirl it and expect the product to come off. On the big brushes it requires a lot of liquid and I needed to change mine round regularly as it got murky.

Baviphat Magic Girls Brush Cleaner 1


Basically this is quite a handy quick use brush cleanser but it’s kinda fiddly to use; as it doesn’t foam it would make more sense as a spray cleanser and it isn’t exactly the best at removing water resistant products. It also won’t last long enough for me so I won’t buy it again.  At least it’s a gentle alternative to isopropyl alcohol!

I bought this from eBay for £12.

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  1. says

    Oh it is a pity you did not like it at all, looks very nice, and the bottle is lovely!
    I am used to clean my brushes with olive oil and a little bit of antibacterial dishwashing soup. It works quite good and is cheap :)