Keep me soft! ELF Cosmetics UK Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 Review

I had heard a few whispers about the ELF Studio Conditioning Lip Balm SPF15 before it arrived in the UK a few weeks ago because some of my US friends had told me how much they loved the product.

They say:

With the e.l.f. Conditioning Lip Balm, lips get treated to a sheer splash of color that’s super smooth, velvety soft and non-sticky. Not only are these sheer, natural shades beautiful, they’re also beneficial, with natural ingredients that condition dry, chapped lips including Vitamins A & E. SPF 15 to protect delicate lips against harmful sun damage.


You know I love a good lip balm!

And yet…I am such a lip balm snob. La Mer, Sisley and SKII are some of my favourites. How could a £3.50 pot of lip balm possibly live up to that?First up, this tinted conditioning lip balm comes in a variety of shades, so you can get that hint of tint business going on.

I have nice & natural.

Colour range:


(I have some other ones now which I will swatch later if people are interested). Anyway it’s a nice selection of colours, the melon and pink look lovely.

This is the packaging – it is so bulky! This is my only major gripe about this product – the size of the tub which makes it a bit tricky to carrying around especially if you want to take a few shades with you.


Nice & Natural is a nude beige – it’s quite a nice colour in the sense that it tones down the redness in my lips without making me look ‘dead’.


The pigmentation is actually very good – it is no where near as sheer as I thought it would be, and offers the same effect as a lip gloss, and its a really nice texture. Sometimes I find cheap lip balms have this sort of gritty, waxy feel to them.

Or they feel really ‘thin’ which I hate. This one is soft, creamy and medium thick which provides more hydration than something thinner.



On my lips I think it’s quite nice! It stayed on ok (it is only a lip balm after all I’m not expecting miracles!) and offered good pigmentation, shine and a slight plumping effect. I will buy the other colours from this range, as I think this product is gorge!


Any downsides?

Well the bulky packaging and it does contain mineral oil so if this isn’t your thang, you may want to give this a miss.

Otherwise I really recommend these as a summer lip balm!

See the range here.

*This was sent by PR for consideration!

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  1. Jen says

    Sounds awesome for £3.50…plus ELF is on 20% off ABSOLUTELY FRICKING EVERYTHING atm!!!

  2. says

    You can’t beat ELF’s price. It’s such an easy way to update your make up kit for a cheap price! However I do agree that some of ELF’s products are far too bulky!