Kate Brown Collection Eyeshadow & Eyebrow Set Review & Swatches

Recently I’ve been in ‘boring eyeshadow mode’.

What do I mean by boring eyeshadow mode? Well, for me, it’s browns, mattes, nudes. As much as I love me peacock type colours there’s a time and a place or everything and I’ve grown to appreciate the natural glowy look.

I purchased two eyeshadow palettes from Kanebo’s Kate range a few months ago:

Kate Brown collection Eyeshadows Brows

These are what I’d call, ideal work place eyeshadow palettes.

Coming in 4 variations, with warm browns, pinky browns, grey browns, you also get a brow powder in this kit.  Quite cool eh?

I have to say, Kate’s packaging is dull – it’s a plan plastic case and I guess I always expect an element of pretty from my Japanese brands.

I chose two colour variations, BR1 which is a warm brown with gold and BR4 which is a cool toned ash brown set.   You may want to choose based on the brow powder that will suit you best (ie. BR4 is the darkest).

This is BR4.  With a cream which is not 100% matte but not shimmery, a taupe brown and a silvery mushroom brown:

Kate Brown collection Eyeshadow BR4 1

The brow powder is matte, and comes in 2 tones. You can use both on the brow to give it a ‘3D’ look OR I’ve seen a lot of girls use the lighter matte shade as a nose contour and it works really well.



BR4 is lovely, right up my street because I love the ash taupe type shades.

BR1 is not my kinda palette – I dislike orange golds more than ash colours.

KATE Brown Collection BR1 Eyeshadow

This palette is more shimmery than BR4 but also sheerer. It would work nicely on a lot of skintones to be honest but probably best of fairer women who like warm tones.

There’s a shimmery cream, shimmery brown, an orange shimmery gold, and the brow powders are lighter, like a warm light-medium brown:

KATE BRown Collection Eyeshadow Brown BR1

So just some quick swatches really – both of these palettes don’t set my heart on fire but are great every day shades when you need something sensible but also when you want your brow powder along with your shadows. Me? I can’t resist a bit of turquoise eyeliner to go with my brown eyeshadow 😉

I bought these from adambeauty.com for about £9 each inc. shipping.

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  1. says

    For some reason, Row, I read this as Kate Brown eyeshadow and not Kate brown eyeshadow. I wanted to know what Kate Brown was LOL! I like Kate shadows and I”m in a neutral phase too. They are terribly exciting, but they get the job done and we look polished. Yay!

  2. Sarah S. says

    I thought maybe this could be a Kate Spade/Bobbi Brown collaboration… that’d be cool :)

  3. kat says

    okaaay i know this post is old, but do you think the br-1 is similar to the dolly wink eyeshadow palette in brown? thanks <3