Kat Von D

Am I going too quick for you? Should I reduce the amount of posts I have up?

Anyway, spotted these Kat Von D Palettes on eBay for wayyy more than they actually cost from Sephora, but being a Brit, it’s my job to be ripped off.

I know Kat Von D is a tattoo lady from Miami Ink. This is what she looks like:

Eeerrrr – let’s find a more flattering image.

There! She’s pretty, no?

I got two of the palettes Ludwig and Beethoven.


Very quick look:

Ludwig – not had a time to play with this one yet:

There is also one called Metal Orchestra but that is similar to Beethoven (dark smokey blues).

So far I LOVE the eyeshadows. They are super soft and pigmented, and some of the colours in the palette are just stunning! No, you won’t need to use them all at the same time, but it gives you a bit of variety. love it!

This is the mini lipgloss set. No poncey neutrals here, all full blast colour and glitter.

Not opened it yet – the box is too cool! the black look especially intriguing. Come back later to see swatches!

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  1. says

    The first photo definitely isn’t flattering at all! LOL But you found a pretty photo of her and the palette looks amazing :)

  2. Chica says

    I really wanted these when I saw the Sephora website – have you seen the brush sets? Stunning!!
    Damn you Sephora not shipping to the UK *shakes fist*
    I like Kat Von D, she came across really well on Miami Ink :)
    Which ebay seller did you buy from? x

  3. Vera says

    are those love handles in the first photo?

    NOOO keep your posts coming. I really like reading your blog!!!

  4. Row says

    Hey Chica

    The brush set does indeed look amazing! I paid over the odds for it and also with the exchange rate, doubly over the odds, grrr. I bought from ebay seller – edmonton. her shipping is very fair but be careful with customs!

  5. Row says

    Hey Zereen

    Yes ma’am I won’t cut down! Are you going to the beauty evening tomorrow at Selfridges? Our lovely Leena is in!

  6. Row says

    Hey Vera!

    Oh god they are love handles! you’d think if you had your arms up in the air they’d disappear!