Kanebo Purenavi Face Masks for the U Zone and T Zone!

Kanebo Purenavi has two “zone” masks which I purchased from Adambeauty a while ago. I was attracted by the fact that the masks are tailored for different needs – the T-Zone mask is for the oilies and the U-Zone mask is for lifting.

Purenavi Face Mask T Zone Pore pack.jpg

The U-Zone is a clear gel and the T-zone mask is more of a creamy clay.

The other thing i like about these masks is that they are made for massage – so for optimum results you work this into the skin for 5-10 minutes (no need to wait for it to set).

Purenavi Kanebo Face Mask T zone.jpg

Both of these masks were gentle on the skin and nice to use – they were also fairly cheap from what I remember, about £7 each.

On the back of each pack is a digram showing you how to massage the product in…
For the U-Zone:

Purenavi u zone mask.jpg

For the T-Zone:

T zone Purenavi Face Mask.jpg

I like both of these face masks – they are different from my usual sheet masks and drying masks – this is great for massage and perking the skin up.

I bought them from Adambeauty, but they’re also on eBay.

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