K Pour Karite Hair Care: Nectar & Repairing Conditioner Review

K Pour Karite is a French, certified organic hair care brand suitable for people of different ages and with different hair types.  The range has recently launched in the UK, with products for men, women and kids.  The main ingredient is the Shea Butter, used for it’s nourishing and softening properties. 

I have two of the products here to review! The Repairing Conditioner and Nectar:

K Pour Karite Hair Care Nectar Repairing Conditioner Review

The packaging on K Pour Karite products strike me as quite simple but elegant, but has the funky bright green lettering.

First off the Nectar, which is a hair oil that is 48.8% Shea Butter (even though it’s a liquid!). They say:

A true concentrate of Shea Butter, this product is ideal for dry and dehydrated hair. Formulated for all dry hair types, especially for very thick and frizzy hair, gives softness and shine.


As treatment use: on dry hair, before shampoo,
As preventive use: on dry hair, before sun exposure,
As care use: a few drops added in the shampoo or the hair conditioner.

K Pour Karite Hair Care Nectar Repairing Conditioner Review 1

I found this product really quite interesting because it can be used is different ways, there’s no strict rules saying it has to be used on dry hair or wet hair, it can be used to treat hair or repair etc. 

The oil is a thick rich yellow nectar – it’s very concentrated, I used a medium sized drop and it just sat in my hair…it’s important to use a tiny bit only!  I used this when my hair was still wet (as I let it air dry a lot) and it made my hair super duper soft and added some shine. 

I actually like it a lot for my hair care routine (at the moment I rarely have time to style my hair, so I will wash every day as I cannot stand oily hair, then put a product/serum in then leave to dry naturally) because I like to use one product only and ideally it is a ‘treatment’ serum as opposed to something that’s just silicone and makes me hair look better temporarily but leaves residue.

I’m happy with the Nectar – it adds mild control and hydration to my hair without any fuss.

Repairing Conditioner:

K Pour Karite Hair Care Nectar Repairing Conditioner Review 2

This is a very dense intensive conditioner that almost looks like it’s a thick night cream! It definitely feels like it’s half conditioner, half cream.

Despite this I didn’t find it overbearing or hard to wash out.  It feels quite nourishing although, as I find with a lot of the organic conditioners, I didn’t find it helped remove all my hair knots.  Having said that my hair felt much better after using this (it’s rich I’d use it twice a week at the most) and was less frizzy.


This is a really promising hair care range, I am always looking for organic hair care ranges that are effective and not too expensive.

The Repairing Conditioner is £11.30 and the Nectar is £13.05.

Check out the range here.

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