Juvenile Nail Polish of the Day: Kiss

My nails are STILL disgusting after using the Marianne Newman nail polish in Midnight without a base. I know! But it was supposed to wash off!

I decided to try some unopened polish today from Kiss:


Firstly – I know, the colour is bright but I like bright lime, ok?! That’s not the problem. The problem is the texture of the polish, which was slightly lumpy, full of chunky glitter and just thick and gunky. After one coat, it was horrid and streaky so I had to do a second coat. However, doing a second coat was awful because it made the whole thing super thick and gunky.

I tried warming it up, rolling it in my hand hands but this was just bad.


URGH! Off it came.

Have you got any nail polish hates?

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  1. Libby says

    I hate it when it just doesn’t dry… ugh

    I made a discovery you might be interested in!
    I was in my local superdrug(it may not be in yours…) And I saw a reduced section so naturally I took a gander..
    They had loads of sets of two nails inc nail polishes for 49p. That’s one hell of a reduction!
    It was just a pink and a top coat, but hell, 21 pounds of nail varnish for 49p, not bad :)

    • Row says

      Hey Libby

      I think I know which ones you mean! Superdrug have a Nail Inc diffusion line which I thought was fab value anyway but on sale that’s even better! I have their cuticle oil.

      I HATE nail polish that doesn’t try cos I always have something to do :)

  2. Dpuss says

    Yes, very true. this nail polish is horrid. Luckly I only purchased one. I used it once and it was thick , but didnt really matter since it was clear with glitter. I stored it away for a month and when I came back to it was thicker than the the first time i used it. Horrible nail polish.

    • Row says

      I hate thick nail polish that takes a long time to try! Ideally you only want one coat as its far less likely to chip than two but I always apply 2 out of habit :)

  3. cherrysoftness says

    Hello :) I’m a newbie to this site (I love it) and was going through… um… all the posts haha and reached this and just wanted to share. I own about a dozen Kiss nail polishes, and each and every color I own is wonderfully smooth, clean, sweet and just beautiful (for those lazy days, one coat will do and it dries in a flash). ALL of them except one, the “Pistachio” color in their website – yup, this shade. I dunno why. I have a gold glitter one as well from them and it’s a dream. Oh well 😛