Just sayin’ Hai!

Kitty says Hai!


Not had the chance to respond to comments yet, so many apologies but I will get them done this week. Its been hectic at work, its been hectic at home so if I have time, I tend to write some posts so that there is fresh content every day.

So keep popping back, say Hai!

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  1. Yo! Purry Sexy Charming CC!

    i hope you got over the trisha counter incident. the lady despite being nice, is certainly not worthy of your repeat visit knowing she is handling you a faulty product. anyway, hope you enjoy your loot!

    i came across this beauty online site. i never heard of this site. most of makeup, i got them from gooddealer, adambeauty but this is new……..what’s is weird it they offer high end/luxury brand at very cheap price

    any take on this? i dont wanna scammed! thanks babe!!

    • Hi Tammy

      I have never used BeautyTicket – what is it you want to buy?

      It looks pretty legit to me – a very comprehensive site but international shipping is $24! Quite expensive in my case :o/

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