Just for fun: Walkers Crisps

Walkers Crisps in the UK have launched 6 new crisp flavours – these have been inspired by some people who have too much time on their hands and now people have a few months to buy, try and vote for their favourite. The fav becomes a permanent flavour.

They are:

Onion Bhaji
Fish & Chips
Cajun Squirel
Builders Breakfast
Chilli and Chocolate
Crispy Duck and Hoisin

I am really disappointed by the lack of originality here but I guess it has to be saleable, (to me, Squirrel and Chilli and Choc are the only really original ones) and besides, it didn’t stop me from imitating a hog and buying all six flavours today (67p a packet! That’s expensive for crisps).

I love the racial sterotyping on the website:

Walkers Flavours.jpg
Walkers Flavours-1.jpg

So anyway I am reviewing 2 per day…hey, I’m helping you spend 67p wisely.

1) Cajun Squirrel


The cajun flavouring is quite strong with this, then afterwards is the taste of dirt. Yes, it’s almost dirty, and then I started thinking about squirrels, grey ones, red ones, and how many were killed in the making of these crisps. Surely they need to kill a few and crush them down to at least know what a squirrel tastes like? Anyway I had one crips and the boyf finished them off.

Verdict: EPIC FAIL – 0/5

2) Fish & Chips


This was really malty but not very fishy. It doesn’t actually taste of fish at all, but it reminds me of another kind of crips I ate as a kid – those 10p ones no doubt. It’s a twist on Salt & Vinegar in many ways, it has the kind of vinegary-greasy smell of a chip shop. It reminds me of grimy kids at school, the ones who used to eat crisps and not wipe their hands later but would borrow your felt tips or your hair, leaving everything smelly and greasy.

Still, I liked this one.

Verdict: GOOD – 3.5/5

Tomorrow – Chilli & Chocolate and Onion Bhaji!

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  1. Christie says

    It doesnt help that on the front of the cajun squirrel packet there’s a little squirrel looking through a fence with a sad face. He’s saying ‘please dont eat me’. Lol.
    I really don’t fancy trying any of them. I think you’re very brave in doing so! Haha x xx

    • Row says

      Hey Christie

      Oh I didn’t think of that! Cute squirrel on the front definately doesn’t help!!! Quite vicious little things aren’t they in reality? Wait til I try Chilli & Chocolate >< thats what I’m here for! i do this so you don’t have to!