Just for Easter Giveaway: No. 7 Hand & Foot Set

Got a quick giveaway for you, just as an Easter treat! I will be picking a winner by the end of the week.


You get:

4 Stay Perfect Nail Polishes
Hand Savour Hand Cream
Softening Foot Balm
Toe Separators
Nail Buffer
Foot Buffer

Want to win it?

Answer This:

Its nearly Easter! Tell me – what is your favourite Easter Egg to get and if you could have anything at all inside, what would it be?


My favourite easter egg is Cadbury’s Buttons (love that chocolate) – I’m not into large quantities of poncey chocolate and I would love to find a few Chanel Rouge Cocos inside! Yeah!

Leave a comment and you will be entered!


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RT @cosmetic_candy: RT to Win one No. 7 Hand & Foot Care Set. For info go to – http://tinyurl.com/yfxszct

You may enter twice by using both methods too.

Good Luck!

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  1. Janice Papworth says

    My favourite Easter egg would be a huge chocolate egg that containe NO calories and if anyone finds one can they let me know please? Inside I would like to find the latest Radley signature bag so that I could cosset and admire it and use it on very special occasions.

  2. sarah foulds says

    ooh lovely prize. good question too ! mmm I would choose a divine fairtrade easter egg filled with beauty products (this is fantasy right?) Failing that being filled with cute little hearts that I could share with my family would be great :) xx

  3. sharon jackson says

    my favourite egg would have to be any decent choclate,and insid i would love to find an engagement ring,but my fellow is too much of a tightaarse to buy me one!!! (can you have a word in his ear please! lol)

  4. carol adamson says

    my favourite egg would be a good quality dark chocolate egg and inside would be the deeds to my house fully paid up

  5. Lucy Walker says

    My favourite Easter Egg is a big Lindt one, preferably with the key to health and happiness inside.

  6. Kelly smith says

    my favourite egg would be a cadburys cream egg, but filled with money galore yum lol x

  7. JULIA GRAY says

    I’d invent one – an exquisite Belgian chocolate egg filled to the brim with mouth-watering champagne truffle choclates. Drooling…

  8. sharon hughes says

    my favourite is the one my husband secretly got for me , a massive baileys easter egg with some gorgeous chocs in it.

  9. Jan Halstead says

    My favourite is Cadburys mini eggs, i would also love to open the egg and find it full to bursting with mini eggs!

  10. Seriouslykooky says

    I would love a large Easter egg FULL of the filling from Cadbury’s Creme Egg – please….

  11. korky says

    mmm, my fave egg this year has to be the after eight one, as well as finding the after eights inside *yummy* i would love to find a little silver heart charm for my charm bracelet :)

  12. Andrea Smith says

    Any chocolate Easter egg suits me! I normally don’t get any :o( but this year I got 2!! A Lindt one and a Kit Kat one (well, I bought myself the Kit Kat as it was BOGOF and my husband had the other!!)

  13. Natalie says

    The best easter egg i would most love to recieve would be a really large cadburys cream egg, completely filled, just like the normal sized egg. but LARGER.

  14. Kaz says

    I would love a large Lindt Easter egg with that yummy, creamy chocolate filled with two tickets for me and my hubby to go for a relaxing spa weekend.

  15. flyingfresian says

    Ideal would be a Green&Blacks egg, but I will settle for the MAHOOSIVE Dairy Milk egg I got instead. Honestly, it’s ostrich sized 😀

    If you have a spare Green&Blacks egg though….

  16. Paul Marshall says

    My favourite Easter egg is a Mars bar one with my beautiful Italian girlfriend, Vivienne, wrapped up in a parcel in the middle.

  17. sindy says

    My fave egg is bounty and i would love to find hoiday tickets to anywhere hot and relaxing.

  18. helen w says

    ANY chocolate easter egg. with really tasty chocolate with it. am not fussy, a right chocaholic :o)

  19. Maddy says

    A Faberge egg with real jewels would be rather nice!
    Failing that, how about a good old cremne egg to really get your tongue stuck into?

  20. Trinity Ellis says

    Cadburys Chocolate eggs all the way!!! Melt in your mouth yummy!! and always makes you want more!! :O) mmmmmmm

  21. Sam Horseman says

    ooo, it would definately be a kinder surprise easter egg, I was never allowed them as a child incase I choked on the toy (yes, very protective parents) and I still feel a bit sneaky when I eat them. But instead of a impossibly complicated toy car inside I would much prefer a YSL Touche Eclat to help me cover the bags I earn in Easter bank holiday partying every year xx

  22. Susan says

    I would love a cadbury’s wispa egg, only to have inside the egg some elemis goodies to pamper myself with, both things i love most are wispa’s and elemis, mm heaven

  23. Kim says

    I love the Lindt bunnies, (not exactly an egg I know!) but their white chocolate one is the only one I can eat as I’m allergic to the amount of cocoa in all other chocolate! I’m so glad they do white bunnies now so I can join in the fun too! It’s also very fitting as I have a white rabbit called Bonbon 😀

  24. Valerie says

    My favourite Easter Egg would be any made of diabetic chocolate – and if I could choose to have anything inside it at all I’d like it filled with mini eggs all made of solid gold…

  25. says

    Ooooh, I love any Cadbury Easter eggs, my ultimate filling would be caramel, loads of it!! I have seen a Bailey’s Easter Egg though, wouldn’t mind a choccie egg full of Bailey’s, haha 😉

  26. naomi says

    Its so hard…they’re all so good! Especially cadburys… I have discovered the mini cadburys caramel eggs and they are just SOOO moreish! So I think the egg I would like to get, is a great big cadburys shell full to bursting with little caramel ones…yum!

  27. Varsha Desilva says

    My favorite egg is Nestle Aero as it just melts in the mouth and I make sure the kids get one too so I do not have to share mine with them!

  28. Courtney says

    I’d like an egg with an engagement/wedding ring (and obviously the commitment from a good man!) inside. Time to remember that each one of us is worth treating well and we all deserve the best. Happy Easter everyone!

  29. Carole Glover says

    I’d love a Wispa, Twirl or Galaxy egg. Inside I’d like some lip glosses or tickets to New York or THE winning lottery ticket! Happy Easter and good luck!

  30. Gemma Dale says

    Any Easter egg with a birthday present inside (it was my birthday yesterday and everyone forgot!!!!!!!!!!!) :(

  31. Melanie Clarke says

    My favourite egg is a Cadbury Creme Egg one but I would LOVE it if the big egg was filled with the Creme Egg goodness instead of being hollow!! xx

  32. Anne says

    A dark chocolate egg, filled with choc pudding with chocolate sauce. Not a fan of chocolate, me……

  33. buzylizzy says

    My favourite egg would have to be a big thorntons choccy one filled with loads of different kiddy sweets because being a big baby I love kiddy sweets. 😀

  34. Victoria Boland says

    I would like to have a large chocolate egg filled with the filling from a Cadbury Cream egg.

  35. toniq says

    I am obsessed with the Ostrich egg from Hotel chocolat! Hubby actually got me this for easter BUT the courier didn’t deliver it in time :(

    Ah well on tuesday when everyones eggs are gone, mine will be here and i can marvel at it’s glory as i chomp on it!

  36. hazel rigazio says

    my favourite easter egg to get would be a huge kinder egg and inside i would love to find this lovely hand and foot set from no7.What more could a lady want,delicious chocolate,a beauty treat and a beauty website to get inspiration from?I am off on holiday soon an this would be great for helping my hands and feet look like a godess.

  37. Georgina Ball says

    I like the more unusual eggs, this year I got a lemon flavoured white chocolate egg with bits of meringue in it.

    I’d like my easter egg to have air in it – because then I’d eat less!