Just for Easter Giveaway: No. 7 Hand & Foot Set

Got a quick giveaway for you, just as an Easter treat! I will be picking a winner by the end of the week.


You get:

4 Stay Perfect Nail Polishes
Hand Savour Hand Cream
Softening Foot Balm
Toe Separators
Nail Buffer
Foot Buffer

Want to win it?

Answer This:

Its nearly Easter! Tell me – what is your favourite Easter Egg to get and if you could have anything at all inside, what would it be?


My favourite easter egg is Cadbury’s Buttons (love that chocolate) – I’m not into large quantities of poncey chocolate and I would love to find a few Chanel Rouge Cocos inside! Yeah!

Leave a comment and you will be entered!


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You may enter twice by using both methods too.

Good Luck!

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  1. Elizabeth Burton says

    I just love Cadbury’s creme eggs. My ideal would be a full size easter egg, but instead of hollow, it would be full of yummy, sticky creme egg goo! Now, I wouldn’t mind making myself sick as a dog for that!

  2. Angie says

    I love Thornton’s chocolate so I would like a Thornton’s Easter Egg and inside I would like to find a Tiffany Diamond Necklace, I would’nt be able to eat it but it would be scrumptious!

  3. Jane Willis says

    I’d rather have Cadbury’s Mini Eggs than a big chocolate egg. In fact I wish they made pretty presentation boxes of Mini Eggs so that somebody would give me one for Easter. Nobody thinks a yellow plastic bag of them looks special enough!

  4. Hannah Young says

    I’m a big Cadbury fan too, especially of mini eggs so would be egg-cedingly happy (sorry I couldn’t resist) to recieve one of those on Sunday! Inside, well I’m rather liking the look of the new Givenchy Printed Lip stains, or perhaps a pair of monster dangly earrings.

    Have a brilliant Easter

  5. sassyele says

    it would have to be a HUGE Lindor Egg for me – that chocolate is gorgeous and if the whole middle was filled like in the small Lindor’s, then its a dream come true! Mmmmm! :-)
    Thanks for the comp – lovely prize xx

  6. Katherine says

    I love Cadbury’s Mini Eggs and if you get anything inside them, I really need some diamonds, any kind 😉

    Cheers, & Happy Easter

  7. says

    I like the excuse to get some nice chocolate rather than anything ordinary. Not eggs which are all packaging and no substance though. The Hotel Chocolat eggs look fantastic! Inside I would like to find either money, diamonds or Johnny Depp (or all 3) :)

  8. Keith says

    I love the crunchie easter eggs, and it would be simply mazing if it was filled entirely with the honeycomb from the inside of a crunchie. Would be thourghly sick mind you!

  9. Sarah says

    Cadbury’s Mini eggs for sure! And a $50K cheque inside to pay off my exorbitant studying loan. LOL! Ok not so possible… so I shall just settle for the most perfect dark circles on earth (whatever brand that may be) that will correct my horrid panda eyes without all the creasing.

  10. Grace says

    My favourite Easter egg to get would be Maltesars! and i would love to get the Makeup forever HD foundation, just because I’ve heard so many good reviews on it! =)

  11. jane says

    my favourite is the cadburys wispa egg as i always got them as a little girl and i love wispas yum yum as for what would be perfect inside it………happily stick to more and more and more chocolate lol …..im not greedy honest lol

    have retweeted @missdaisy32 x

  12. sarah says

    great giveaway!

    My fave has to be green and black’s chocolate! i love that chocolate :) Would love to find money or diamonds or both inside lol :) x

  13. Ros Marshall says

    Has to be a huge Malteser easter egg and I would just trip the light fandango if I found some Louboutins inside!

    Ros x (@cookinmummy)

  14. Jude Dunn says

    My favourite easter egg would be an After Eight Egg, I love minty chocolate, inside I would like to find a mint coloured box from Tiffany with something sparkly inside

  15. says

    Defo gotta be Cadburys Cream egg…. Mmmmmm. I actually just sat and ate one haha, they’re on offer in asda for a quid so I couldn’t refuse. Inside, I’d love to find a nice big fat engagement ring off my Gareth hehe.


  16. jaffra says

    One of those humungo Kinder Surprise eggs! So tasty and you get a toy, what’s not to love?! Oh but i’d rather have a bottle of the Suqqu Skinny foundation inside tbh.

  17. says

    I love the Reese’s peanut butter eggs! :) If I could have anything inside, I would want a necklace that my husband picked out just for me :)

  18. says

    ooo mine would probably be cadbury’s caramel and what would I like inside it erm toI would a large size easter egg filled with the caramel as opposed to being hollow :)

  19. says

    Ooh I lurve the Baileys easter eggs. You get little chocolates with baileys inside. Mmmmm… If I could have anything inside it it would be a degree so I didn’t have to sit my impending exams. Not fussed what kind of degree, any will do! x

  20. says

    i love Cadbury’s Mini Eggs !! hahaha my fav !! omg make me want to buy it right now
    , if it could i want inside my eggs is unlimited credit card !! haha 😀

  21. Lucy Taylor says

    Yum! chocolate eggs!! Aero bubbles are my fave tho anything chocolate will do lol. Inside? how about a one-way ticket somewhere hot?

  22. Halifax says

    I don’t eat Easter eggs, but my daughter likes Reese’ pieces :-) If she has her choice, she’d stuff those Kinder eggs with more toys than one, lol

  23. Em says

    Got to be a huge Kinder Surprise egg for me,
    it might be made for kids but it’s the most addictive chocolate, certainly in egg form that I know of.

    Inside I’d love to find the phone number of a dark eyed, long dark haired, comedic, guitar playing , single, straight, Master Chocolatier who just happens to have a thing about red haired women.

  24. Nicky Russell says

    I would plump for A MASSIVE Chocolate Egg, filled with Daim Bars, with golden syrup to dunk them in :)…. Heaven.


  25. says

    hrm, I like hollow chocolate easter bunnies, actually. dark chocolate. filled with hazelnuts or perfume samples 😀

  26. says


    Great giveaway

    Would have to be aGreen and Blacks egg1 love that chocolate would love to find the perfect foundation inside..one that matches My skin tone just right and would leave my skin perfect ,poreless and would last all day!!! :)


  27. Giusy says

    My favourite easter egg is “Kinder Gran Sorpresa” (Italian egg!) :-)
    And I would love to find the NARS blush in “Orgasm”!

  28. Emme says

    My favorite easter egg is those Hershey’s chocolate ones, and I’d just die wih happiness if I found one of the Estee lauder Bronze Goddess liquid eyeshadows in it!!


    Mine would be gorgeous Thorntons Dark choccy easter egg!
    They are I think the best eggs, and the choice of
    chocolates you get with the eggs are to die for!
    So I hope my hubby reads this, & takes note.

  30. tracey rollings says

    i would love an after eight easter egg and inside have a hand full of the after eight mint choccies enough for me to share with my hubby – oh no cant do that he hates mint awe well more for me lol

  31. Hazel says

    I like Green and Black’s Dark chocolate eggs – delicious! Diamond earrings inside would be nice!

  32. Silvia says

    i LOVE white choco-eggs!!!
    and i wish i could get a one-way ticket to London to move there! *_*

  33. Shari R says

    I love Cadbury creme eggs! I eat one every year when they come out for Easter. But they’re awfully rich, and these days, I stretch eating the egg out for as long as I can with the goopy mess. I’d love to find my wedding band in the egg. It’s gone missing in my closet, so having it turn up in the egg would be lovely!

  34. Natalie Phillips says

    I love the green & blacks butterscotch easter eggs! and if i could have anything inside… some ben & jerry’s ice cream?

  35. Cathy C says

    Got to be Cadbury Cream Eggs, a large version would be bliss! Only buy one or two for a treat but a huge replica would make my Easter!

  36. Gillian Shiels says

    I love the Smarties easter eggs that come with the Smartie Mugs – they look fab.