Just for a baby’s bum: Sudocrem Antiseptic Skin Care Cream & Giveaway

I have to admit, I have never been a Sudocrem user. I’ve seen the grey tubs strewn over my aunts floor, but I have never personally used the stuff. Until now.

sudocrem antiseptic healing cream.jpg

Sudocrem is supposed to work for:

– Cuts and grazes

– Spots

– Sunburn

– Dry knees and Elbows

– Rashes

And so on and so on.

The cream is very thick, very white and smells medicinal:


So like I said earlier, I have never used Sudocrem but I finally reached for it recently when…

I got a big spot on my upper lip (a HUGE WHOPPER) and got a rash near my thigh. This tub was all I had so I slathered it on and left it. Whaddya know – in 2 days the spot had retreated (I am scar free too – I usually scar from spots quite easily)

Ok, so you won’t be wearing this out of the house any time soon but slap it on at night – its really really effective!


Sudocrem have released the antiseptic cream as a ‘skin care cream’ in a neat little 30g tube form! Love it – I considered carrying the big grey pot out with me once but I realised that horror of horrors – is someone saw it, they may think I have my own little ragamuffin-monster-child- thin with a nappy rash at home.



I have 4 mini tubes to give away. Just leave a comment saying what you use sudocrem for or if you have any other alternative therapies for ailments (ie. Toothpaste for your Piles, Hairspray for your crabs).

I’ll pick 4 random winners on Monday!

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  1. Nina says

    I haven’t used sudocrem but it would be awesome to try as I have a wealth of bumps on my chin and jawline. Not pretty.

    I use toothpaste as a burn soother. I had a nasty burn on my fingers as a result of stupidity. I immediately applied toothpaste on my burned bits and I was instantly relieved.

  2. Holly says

    I only found out about Sudocrem’s magical spot-reducing properties at university, when one of my friends mentioned it. I was distraught because I’d had bad skin all through my teens, and with having baby siblings, there was always some in the house! Argh.

    Instead, I tried every one of the supposed home remedies. Crushed up aspirin face mask? Yep… the aspirin went all powdery and some of it went up my nose. Ick. Honey? Yep. Dripped all down my neck, took forever to wash off. Toothpaste? Did nothing whatsoever, made me smell like mint.

    In the end, the only thing that worked for my spots was the pill, and a proper makeup removing lotion (I was using facial wipes before, and they’re not as effective). But they still rear their ugly little heads occasionally. Grr.

  3. says

    I just started using Sudocrem a few days ago to combat a major breakout on my chinny chin chin and it’s pretty awesome! I depotted mine from the small grey tub into a pretty pink tub this morning because I’m shallow like that.

    I tagged you for an award over on my blog :) x

  4. Melia says

    I used Sudocream for my eczema during the summer. I had run out of cortisone cream and found a tub at my cousin’s house. I was amazed that it worked!
    I have tried tons of things for my eczema, especially when I first saw it appear. I have tried oatmeal creams which makes it worse, gold water (yes, water with gold ions in it) which sort of helped a bit, Avene Trixera+ which did nothing and Bepanthol which would soften the skin, but not much else after a while. A doctor friend even advised me to use Bentadine (Iodine solution), I refused to do that. The only product that worked other that cortisone cream (and now Sudocream), was Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night repair. Expensive skin therapy, courtesy of Mum who thought her daughter was going to scar with all the itching and scratching.

  5. Joan says

    I’ve never tried sudocrem as it isn’t available in the US. My favorite alternative therapy was recommended by my dermatologist: milk for burns! Dilute it with water and soak a cotton pad in it. Milk is great for redness, in general, too.

  6. Caroline says

    My mum uses honey for wounds sometimes, but the honey we use is some my ant sent from Hong Kong that she made herself :D. Awesome stuff.

  7. MandyP says

    Toothpaste for my piles sounds like a great idea, though my crabs will use nothing less than Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream. That said, I shall have to try this Sudocrem for my eyelid psoriasis; I hope it’s available Stateside.

  8. Alison says

    I use queen helene’s mint julep masque that i bought from america for my spots and it dries them out like a charm 😀
    Have never tried sudocrem before but now i think i will give it a go!

  9. says

    I haven’t used Sudocrem in years, we don’t get on. When I was about 3 I took a whole big tub of the stuff and proceeded to smear it all over the kitchen, mum went mad…there were tears and Sudocrem everywhere! I might try it on my psoriasis and some pesky spots!