Just a note: Linking to Cosmetic Candy

I am always super super grateful to anyone who includes me on their Blogroll (I am updating mine at the moment! Please do bear with me as I have lots of great blogs to add and I am currently spending the next week or so fixing bugs and pages on the site!).

I’ve noticed that sometimes, (I think it might be a blogspot problem as it seems to affect blogrools that include an image of the latest post) links to the site can get ‘stuck’ on one post.


So please, when you are linking to the site, use the FEED address, not just the URL of the blog. (I’ve posted this because I think it will help other people who have the same problem – the solver of this riddle is actually the clever London Makeup Girl!).

Address to add to your blogroll:




Sorry about that – my site is weird!

P.S. Do leave me a comment if you think you should feature on my new blogroll list which I am working on as we speak :)

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  1. says

    Oh that’s why I always got your illamasqua nail polish pic ,whenever I clicked your link on my blog roll,I will update it asap. x

  2. says

    God woman, you’ve been saying you are going to add me for aaaagggeees! Now do it, or I’ll replace the Garra Rufa in your fish pedi with pirhanas! Mwahahahaah!

  3. says

    I’m making one soon, you’ll definitely being on it since yours was one of the first blogs I started reading years ago!
    Mine’s only very young still, but please keep it in mind! :)

  4. says

    Hey I read you blog whenever I get online! Its definately one of my favourites. I’ll be adding a blogroll to mine soon (good job I now know how). My blog is still just a baby blog at the moment but I’d love to appear on yours. x

  5. says

    Oh so that’s why! ^^
    Thanks for the updated URL 😀
    I always have to manually type in your blog address and come check your updates, which is a daily (three times a day in fact XD) routine. <3

  6. says

    I’ve added it back to my blogroll, I was wondering why before it wasn’t updating so I took it off. Thanks for the clarification :) I would be honored if you like to include my blog, although it’s not nearly as great as some other bloggers out there.