Jumping on the bandwagon…

So I have been wanting NARS Yachiyo brush, from the Kabuki Artisan Range forever. My favourite MA on Nars uses that brush on me to apply the multiple; to apply strong brushes…anything cheek related.

But there is the issue of price. At £37.50 it is steep, especially as it feels so lightweight; I know, it is the construction of the Yachiyo brush, but sometimes you want something weighty for your money..

Anyway, after seeing it on Mandy Pandy’s Blog, and on Yummy411..well I had to join the club, or I’d get bullied?

Here it is;

It is very similar to the Nars brush except its a different colour:

A fluffy head:

The dome shape of the head helps to disperse colour evenly, hence, it can be used with very strong colours, and apparently, goat hair can be used with cream colours wihout causing streaking!

What is there not to love?

If you are in the UK, you can buy it here for £20.50.

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  1. MandyPandy says

    Hmmm… Yes, I hear bullying is a big problem in the UK. *shoves Rowena into puddle*

    £20.50?!? That’s almost twice the US price! Dear Lord, it really IS rip-off Britain! *shakes fist at HQ hair*

    I really hope that inflated £20.50 price is the result of Purchase-Power Parity and not some sinister plot by HQ Hair to fleece Brits of their hard earned pounds.

  2. Row says

    Hey Vanessa – Yes it reminds me of a Chinese Calligraphy brush, but it is much much softer.

    Mandypandy – Yeah £20.50!!!! RIP OFF! But I wanted it quick. Also HQ Hair has a stupid policy where the more u spend the more they charge you for shipping the totaly opposite of everyone else on earth, so for this Japonesque order, I bought 4 other things and the shipping was about £7!!!


  3. petitebelle says

    oh i have heard so much about this brush! I am seriously tempted…hmm but I already have so many blush brushes. Would you say that this works better than a slanted blush brush?

  4. Row says

    Hi Petite Belle..

    Oh yes, I really like it. I find that, because the bristles are in a dome shape you get a lighter, evenly placed application. It’s made my bright blushers really easy to apply and you can use it with cream too because its goat hair!!

    Buy it buy it!

  5. MandyPandy says

    I hate those stupid shipping policies! If it’s any consolation Lush US does something similarly obnoxious where it will charge me $8 for shipping even if the item being shipped costs $7. Argh!

    Next time, you should totally purchase from Hannari-Ya on eBay or force Izzy to CP for you from the US! She owes you one, lol!

  6. Vanessa says

    haha yeah you can tell I am loving the new bag! LOL.

    Oh I know gosh tell me about it! I am bracing myself for having to deal with a boy! I am the eldest child so I never had to share ANYTHING in my life, so I gotta get used to sharing when him and I live together, darn it!

  7. Row says

    MandyPandy – Yep text time I will def find a cheaper alternative?

    Poor Izzy – I swamp her with emails :) Yeah she owes me one for getting me into reeses butter cups. i am getting so FAT eating them all the time. Unfortunately my Jo O’Meara workout vid ain’t here yet..

  8. Row says


    I am an only child so I have sharing issues too…but its ok with a boy cos he’ll never want to borrow your earrings or dresses or make up etc. But boys have a lot of electrical crap, like you will never have a spare plug socket EVER again.

    Hehe! It will be domesticated bliss! :)

  9. MandyPandy says

    Ugh, Jo O’Meara! Y’know she’s got a little poppadom in the fryer, right? I hope for her sake that baby is white, or, as soon as it utters it’s first words she’ll start mercilessly teasing it about it’s strange ‘accent’, then deny her actions and claim it was just baby-talk. I can’t wait for Junior’s first visit from Auntie Jade and Auntie Danielle. Priceless!

  10. Row says

    And the people in the world who shouldn’t procreate are……………………………………

    Well there you go. I never had Jo down as a bully, even though she looks like a plumber, she always seemed like the quiet one in S club 7, not that I majored in S Club 7 group politics, but anyway…what a delightful pregnant momma she will be!

  11. yummy411 says

    yay! i’m so glad you like it.. okay seriously i will be ordering mine soon and very soon!