Joo Mo Honey & Orange Face Wash Review

A while ago I was sent a sample of a new face wash, JooMo, a natural face wash for teens to try.  Obviously I am no teen although I do have sensitive skin so I tried it for a bit then gave it to my cousin Megan, who at 12 and getting to that puberty stage, is the perfect candidate.

Here is the packaging – very cute design although the sticker on my tube seemed to be coming off a little.      I am not sure how long the expiry is on this product – I was sent it in July and the expiry is October 2012 so the tube I got only had a few months left on it.  I don’t know if I just happened to end up with one with a short life span or because the product is very natural it doesn’t last as long as face washes that have preservatives. 

JooMo Face Wash

This face wash is supposed to be Honey & Orange…to me it has a very very strong cinnamon smell, but not like a sweet cinnamon, more of a pungent, almost aniseed like smell.  It’s definitely a like it or hate it kind of scent…

I noticed other bloggers said it reminded them of cinnamon buns, I think it’s more like ground cinnamon sticks!  If you are expecting something that smells like a bakery, then you may be disappointed.

The smell aside, the face wash ha a slightly glue like, but runny texture. It foams nicely enough and feels good on the skin, even my delicate face!  It reminds me of Gloy glue!

Joo Mo Honey Orange Face Wash Review 1

I didn’t think this was a great make up remover but then it isn’t designed to be – it does refresh the skin nicely and doesn’t irritate.

On the teenager – who this product is actually aimed at, she didn’t like the strong herbal smell, but found it very irritation free and it even calmed down some gigantic spots she’s had brewing on her nose.  Considering that at the age of 12 there is very little out there for girls skincare wise, this kind of wash is great as she can start preventing the spots naturally – NOW. 

The ingredients:

Joo Mo Honey Orange Face Wash Review

A bit more about Saponin:

The SaponinJTM formulation destroys pathogenic microbes (ie. infection causing bacteria),  but encourages the growth of desirable micro-organisms  (by creating the ideal environment for them to flourish), and these then look after and protect your skin.

Every key ingredient is discussed on the Joo Mo website so it’s well worth visiting if you are interested in this product. 


Overall this is a nice face wash – it’s great for sensitive skin and it’s full of natural ingredients and is affordable despite this. 

On the downside the smell of it is quite strong and is not everyone’s cup of tea.  

Would I purchase it for myself? Realistically, no, I’d need something more heavy duty but would I buy it for my daughter? Yes! I wouldn’t want them using a product full of parabens when they’re young so this is a good choice. 

Check out the range here – the face wash costs £4.95 which is very reasonable. 

*PR sample

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  1. Zaggora Girl says

    Looks like a good product, and has a lovely packaging! :) Can this product be used on both oily and dry skin?