Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt

When I first heard about Jo Malone’s newest fragrance, Wood Sage & Sea Salt I immediately thought…yes!

I’ve always been a fan of salt. The smell of salt. The freshness of it, there’s something masculine about the combination, Wood Sage & Sea Salt yet I can imagine it working well on both genders – not everyone likes overly girly fragrances.  

Jo Malone Wood Sage Sea Salt 1

But how do you capture sea salt in a fragrance and not have it smell like some kind of hair product?  It’s definitely a hard one to do, but of course Jo Malone do it perfectly. 

The composition of Wood Sage & Sea Salt is of course as the name suggests, Sea Salt and Sage, ambrette seed, red algae and grapefruit. There are no floral notes in this scent which makes it quite unique.  There’s the saltiness, the mineral quality of the beach and woodiness too to add musky sophistication. 

Jo Malone Wood Sage Sea Salt

I guess you could wonder why a beachy scent would be released in September, but this is not a piping hot beach in Italy or Brazil.  This is a (very British) beach somewhere in England (or at least how I see it!), one of those late August, early September holidays that your parents try to squeeze in at the end of your 6 week summer holiday on a beach that is definitely windier and colder than it should be.  You use your spade to try and dig out some sea life from the soggy wet sand.  You sit in the wet sand, and have to sit on a plastic bag in the car all the way home. 

The imagery from the campaign is shot by photographer Tim Walker – it’s gorgeous and it’s the first Jo Malone campaign which shows male and female together too! 

It shows the British beach – the brown sand, the rockiness, the occasionally cold air.  I didn’t spend a ton of time on British beaches growing up but I do remember visiting a few when it was freezing because Nana Candy decided today was the day she was going to find some cockles and mussels from the sea.  Wrap up warm and don’t go too close to the water!  

Wood Sage Sea Salt Image

Depending on what product you get from the range (Fragrances, body creme, candle) each item smells slightly different. I could really detect a woody touch to the candle, something muskier from the creme and the scent came across more salty to me.  Once the fragrance dies down a little on the skin, I really felt that it became warmer on the skin, and woody rather than salty. It’s very nice on me, it’d be quite sexy on a man too. 

Jo Malone Wood Sage Sea Salt

Prices are; 30ml Cologne £40, 100ml Cologne £82, Body Creme £50, Body & Hand Wash £28, Home Candle £40.

The Wood Sage & Seat Salt collection is available from September 2014.  

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