Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Collection; Body & Handwash Review

Let me make a guilty Beauty Blogger confession.

I don’t own anything from Jo Malone. I don’t actually know much about Jo Malone.  I walk past their counters now and then, all the uniform bottles neatly aligned side by side but am too scared to go over and have a sniff.  I feel like it’s the kind of counter I’d go to if I was choosing a wedding perfume, or one of those, ‘once in a lifetime’ scents.  It has that sort of feel to me.

Then I was sent this extremely beautifully packaged Jo Malone Body & Handwash from their newest scent collection, Wild Bluebell:

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Body Hand Wash

Oh, that packaging. It’s simple but so elegant. It’s heavy weight too – I start thinking of what I’ll store in it once the bodywash is finished.

I never thought about buying a post bodywash to use before but it sort of makes sense; I can’t use cheap body washes anyway, my skin is so sensitive (I am itching at a lot of things at the moment) and it means I get a hint of scent without it being overpowering (I seriously hate overly strong perfume wearing).

What is Wild Bluebell?

Wild Bluebell Body Hand Wash > Body Hand Wash > Bath Body > Jo Malone

You know I’m not good at describing fragrances but my favourite is floral-musky ones (I love Stella and I am utterly obsessed with Molton Brown’s Lijiang – like OBSESSED).

Wild Bluebell is floral and it has the musk – yes I love this. I love it. It’s girly and pretty and never cheap or tacky.

The wash itself is fine for hands or as a shower gel. I personally have used this as a shower gel as I have some cheap Carex handwash anyway! It’s lovely and it does smell great in the shower. It’s quite low foaming – I much prefer this although a lot of people don’t….the less foam I find, the less drying it is afterwards.

How well does the scent linger?…it does linger actually, if I hold my skin up to my nose it’s there but I don’t know how apparent it is to people near me!

Jo Malone London Wild Bluebell Fragrance Handwash Body Wash

This is lovely I will definitely explore the Jo Malone counter at some point in the future – Lime Basil sounds good as does White Jasmine and Mint.  If you like Jo Malone do leave a comment and let me know what your favourite scent is.

You can see the Wild Bluebell wash here.


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  1. says

    Jo Malone – oh, where do I start? The Blue Agave & Cacao is lovely, as is Pomegranate Noir (although my SIL loves that one, so it feels a bit odd to me to wear it myself now). Orange Blossom is another nice one that you might like if you like the Bluebell. The Body Cremes are v good too.

  2. Emma says

    I love Bluebell! I use it with Red Roses – you can mix scents to create your own ‘unique’ one which is pretty good :)