Jo Malone London Rain; Violets and Wisteria Perfume Review

I am so happy, happy, happy, that I have Jo Malone’s Violets and Wisteria in my life.  Why, I have a substantial perfume collection, but scents that I truly truly truly love are few and far between. 

But Violets and Wisteria? It speaks to me. It is very me. For reference, I love light floral and tea based scents, with a hint of musk.  I’ve had this scent for months but i’ve waited till now to start using it because I don’t think this scent belongs in Winter – it belongs in Spring. 

Jo Malone London Rain Violets and Wisteria

London Rain is the latest Limited Edition fragrance collection from Jo Malone. This collection of 4 perfumes represents the London Rain throughout the day.  

There is Rain & Angelica Cologne; The park at dawn, saturated with dew.  I remember this scent as having a clean, fresh, wet edge. 

There is Violets & Wisteria; A light shower, gently falling on purple wisteria. As soon as I smelt this I had a connection to it – it does indeed smell like a sweet flower being lightly covered in rain…slightly dirty rain to counteract that sweetness. It’s the most girly of the four, I guess I just like that slightly powdery-floral-sweetness to my scents – I love it. 

There is White Jasmine and Mint; A cloudburst, drenching gardens exuberant with summer blooms. I thought this would be one of my favourites but it’s quite minty, a bit herbal-y, I still like it but I don’t adore it as much as I thought, maybe because I am more of a Jasmine fan than mint. 

Then there is Black Cedarwood and Juniper; The downpour. The spiciest one of the four, the most masculine perhaps, the one I remember the most although it wasn’t my favourite, it still had that mysterious edge to it.  This is the one I would buy for Mr C. 

Jo Malone London Rain Violets and Wisteria 1

I am so happy to have Violets and Wisteria, and will start wearing it today because look…it’s raining outside.  Can I wear this in Manchester Rain? Yes? Good. 

The Limited Edition collection has now launched and costs £82 for 100ml. See the collection here. 



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