Jill Stuart Kitten Eyes Lasting Gel Eyeliner Review and Swatches!

I’ve never met an eyeliner I didn’t like.

Wait – that’s not true.

I’ve never met an eyeliner I didn’t want to try. That’s better.

When Jill Stuart, ever luxe and sexy brand from Japan released their new Kitten Eyes Lasting Gel Eyeliner I picked up three colours. (The release isn’t actually new-new anymore but it’s the first chance I’ve had to open and play with them!).

Jill stuart kitten eyes collection 25786750 jpg JPEG Image 283x400 pixels

The visual from the Kitten eyes collection – it’s kind of freaky. The model is pretty but reminds me of tweetie pie.

The gel liners come in small pink boxes – no special elaborate packaging:

Jill Stuart Lasting Gel Eyeliner Cat Eyes

Of course Jill Stuart’s packaging makes the product most of the time.

The lasting gel eyeliners come in pretty glass post, quite heavy with plastic silver lids. They’re engraved with a pattern – there’s also a special brush you can buy to apply these gel liners but I didn’t see the point.

Jill Stuart Kitten Eyes Gel Eyeliner

I chose 3 colours – bitter brown, a deep chocolate brown and cosmic navy, a shimmer deep blue and a limited edition shade called gold shell a shimmery sheer gold:

Jill Stuart Kitten Eyes Lasting Gel Eyeliner

I’ve come to the conclusion that most gel liners are much of a muchness. Some are quite terrible but otherwise most of them, cheap and pricey are all about…the same.

Jill Stuart’s gel liners cost around £22 each which makes them EXPENSIVE for what they are.

Are they worth the price?  No, not really.  They’re on the harder side of a Bobbi Brown gel liner, but not in a bad way – you just need to pick up enough product on the brush.  They dry in a minute or so then last very well as a lot of gel liners do.  If you use too much it flakes off.

Pigmentation is good and the colours are nice enough but not breathtakingly unique, thus not really worth the cost.  I am sure you can find a deep brown, and dark blue from other brands for less.

Gold shell is nice and is perhaps one of the more unusual ones, although it has a sheer touch and tons of sparkle.


Jill Stuart Kitten Eyes Gel Eyeliner 1

Should I have bought ONE and not THREE? Yes!

Oh well.  I’ll get use out of these for sure and they do look pretty in the make up bag.

On my eyes – blue on top, brown underneath:

Jill Stuart Kitten Eyes Gel Eyeliner 2


Nice gel liners, seen better, seen worse, not really worth the huge price unless you specifically want a Jill Stuart gel liner or really like a particular colour.

What is your favourite gel liner?

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  1. says

    Your eye looks lovely. Too bad they’re not spectacular liners.
    I haven’t found a gel liner that doesn’t smudge on my lids, so I don’t have a favorite.

  2. says

    I use the Bobbi Brown Gel liner, but I’m tempted to get this one (purely for the sake of how it’s packaged!) it’s beautiful! xxx