Jill Stuart Haul Spring 2009

I love Jill Stuart! Everyone loves Jill Stuart, right? I do think their eyeshadows palettes, for all their prettiness are a little Meh for the price but I love everything else they do.

Especially the eye jellies. Alas, I sold and a kidney and got hold of these babies, from the Spring 2009 LE collection:

Jill Stuart.jpg

Champagne is a shimmery pale gold – it’s very Meh, nothing special. As a Jelly eye colour devotee I don’t regret buying it but its not a must have. The same applies for Shiny Onyx. It has brown tones when really I would have prefer a black/smokey tone.

I got the sensual veil gloss:

Jill Stuart-1.jpg

This is a clear peachy gloss with micro multi coloured sparkles – very pretty though quite expensive for what is basically a clear gloss with shimmers.

Ahh – it’s all lovely stuff, it is Jill Stuart after all but I wouldn’t say its a must have for anyone, more of a luxury add on.

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  1. I laughed about you selling kidney for Jill Stuart, you are right though, they are very expensive!!! I’m glad you like them though I have never tried them because of the price

    • Hey Nikki

      If you ever try anything try the eye jellies they are nice, but it is so expensive that I have to be able to justify it. Nothing I got from this collection is essential, quite frankly.

  2. Strawberry says:

    Those are gorgoeus! I’ve been trying to find Jill Stuart makeup for forever–I really want one of their eye jellies. D: Where did you buy it from?

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