Jill Stuart Haul Spring 2009

I love Jill Stuart! Everyone loves Jill Stuart, right? I do think their eyeshadows palettes, for all their prettiness are a little Meh for the price but I love everything else they do.

Especially the eye jellies. Alas, I sold and a kidney and got hold of these babies, from the Spring 2009 LE collection:

Jill Stuart.jpg

Champagne is a shimmery pale gold – it’s very Meh, nothing special. As a Jelly eye colour devotee I don’t regret buying it but its not a must have. The same applies for Shiny Onyx. It has brown tones when really I would have prefer a black/smokey tone.

I got the sensual veil gloss:

Jill Stuart-1.jpg

This is a clear peachy gloss with micro multi coloured sparkles – very pretty though quite expensive for what is basically a clear gloss with shimmers.

Ahh – it’s all lovely stuff, it is Jill Stuart after all but I wouldn’t say its a must have for anyone, more of a luxury add on.

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  1. says

    I laughed about you selling kidney for Jill Stuart, you are right though, they are very expensive!!! I’m glad you like them though I have never tried them because of the price

    • Row says

      Hey Nikki

      If you ever try anything try the eye jellies they are nice, but it is so expensive that I have to be able to justify it. Nothing I got from this collection is essential, quite frankly.

  2. Strawberry says

    Those are gorgoeus! I’ve been trying to find Jill Stuart makeup for forever–I really want one of their eye jellies. D: Where did you buy it from?