Jessica Simpson – Fat or FIt?

Jessica Simpson is annoying even if you just look at her – but lately she seems to have been eating one too many Eccles cakes.

Jessica Simpson_s a bigger star than ever as she shows off her new curvier figure | Mail Online.jpg

She is definately looking meatier, right?

Jessica Simpson_s a bigger star than ever as she shows off her new curvier figure | Mail Online-1.jpg

What do you think? I actually don’t have much against Jessica, I think she’s a terrible singer but she does get on my rack like Sienna Miller does or Kate Beckinsale.

To be fair, she is now normal woman sized – she’s chunky for a pop starlet, normal by normal woman standards. Is this a good or bad thing? I’ll be honest and say that I think she almost looks a bit uncomfortable bigger – some people look better with some meat on them, some people don’t and I don’t think her new physique is awful, but it isn’t particularly flattering either.

But if it were me and I had to choose between an Eccles cake and a big ass or no cake and a small ass, I’d choose a big ass anyday.

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  1. says

    If Ms. Simpson’s current state is any indication, those Eccles cakes must be downright irresistible. I’m a fine one to talk: I’ve still got 30 lbs to lose (and fast!).

    • Row says

      Hey Pandy

      bah, join the club. 30lbs is like 2 stone…wow to be 2 stone lighter. I could fly then, fly, jump, skip!

  2. says

    Perhaps if her clothes weren’t so tight. Even normal women (well, most at least) wouldn’t wear clothes that tight.

    Like Padma Lakshmi, she said in an interview that during the course of Top Chef, she’ll gain 10-15 pounds from eating all the yummy delicious food. So to avoid looking like JS up there, she gets clothes in a size bigger. Now that’s smart.

    • Row says

      Hey gloria!

      god forbid we just get clothes that fit! Tis true too many people are obsessed with thenumber on the label. It’s much better to get something that fits. I used to wear a smaller bra size to make myself feel better but because they were squished they looked huge. Once I got a real bra that fitted (alto huge) my boobs looked smaller cos it fit better!

  3. says

    I don’t even think it’s the clothes that are making Jessica Simpson look heavier; the photographs were shot from awkward angles. Also, I think that because it’s in 2-D, photography flattens out the image and makes a two dimensional object like a body seem larger than it is. I always want to cry when I see photos of myself, because, while I’m no Nicole Ritchie, I look nothing like the beached whale staring back at me in all of my pictures.

    • Row says

      Hi Pandy

      The camera does add 10 pounds. I hate myself in photographs I look humongous – I might actually be humoungus though.

  4. Elizabeth says

    What an unfortunate angle. I think the boob merging into the arm also doesn’t help but yes she does seem to have ballooned a bit. Though I prefer her here, far more than when she did that video in the coral bikini. It was utterly terrifying with all the gyrating, awful tan and manical expression.

    • Row says

      Hi Elizabeth

      Manical…is the best way to describe her I think. I don’t actually know that much about her she’s never been to big over here, has she?

  5. lusine says

    anybody calling her fat must be a dumbass. She is a size 4, wtf do u all want from her. I bet if anybody put u all under the spotlight everyone would have at least 10 things mention about u that wasnt perfect. I highly doubt those of u calln her fat are perfect. so unless u have the perfect everything, dont judge others because thats what lowlives do. getting an f-in life. jeez

  6. Donnette Goodie says

    Ican’t see why people say negative about Jessica Simpson putting on weight. She still looks gorgeous inside and out. She is my idol.